Winter Solstice 2015


This Winter as the sun makes its passage through the Tropic of Capricorn in December 21st, 2015, this would be an opportune time to make some wishes and set some goals.

During ancient times societies all over the world have acknowledged this passage with some form of cultural tradition. The Sun has set at its lowest point in the sky and is turning its energies towards the climb to the next Solstice point in the summer.

The magic during this time is celebrating, the survival during the leanest time of food, light and heat. Intentions set into motion have a greater chance of manifesting as seeds and ideas planted can bear fruit.If you feel that your life could use a sense of positive direction, now would be the time to change your circumstances by setting some goals into 2016 and beyond. You will be presently surprised when you look back on this pivotal point and realize how far you have come! If you have more than one area in, your life you need to dust the cobwebs off of prioritising by picking the three closest to your heart.

The Magic in making wishing and goals come to existence is:

  • Writing down your intent
  • Placing in an area where you will see them every day
  • Verbalizing through vibration by speaking your goals aloud
  • Visualizing enjoying your achievement

Print out and fill the Goals & Wishes you would like to create into existence and watch the process unfold.

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