The Full Mars Cycle

Full Mars In SagittariusAs the Moon, other planets also go through a similar cycle with the Sun. The planet Mars has a cycle of two years. Within this time frame Mars completes the New, first Quarter, Full and then last Quarter phases. These are opportune times to select for the next two years where you want to direct your energies.

This May’s Canadian Long Weekend marks the Sun & Mars opposition also know as the Full Mars cycle, this began in June 2015 this focus has been in the communications & education axis gathering information and spreading our wings over territories new and foreign.

There is a sense of acknowledging that knowledge gained during this time has been useful and can be utilized in which direction would further your earning prospects and put you on the next level. Multiple confirmations have come through this active week as we are standing at the same place as last year but the difference being the life experience. What last year would have had you break out into a cold sweat now seems like second nature. Along the way you have shed your inhibitions in regards to how you view yourself.

The opposition is the height of the cycle. The gems of knowledge gained leading from Mid- April to the end of June will be utilized to fine tune what engages you until the next New Mars’ in July 2017. The following cycle will be in the next zodiacal sign which is Leo – Aquarius.

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