Reflection upon the 1st Mercury Retrograde Cycle of 2017

So many of you have just gone through the ups and downs of what’s known as the popular phenomena of Mercury R this is the cosmos giving the inhabitants of the Earth an opportunity to slow down and reflect upon the direction in which they are traveling on is still what is desired.

During the last coupling of the Solar and Mercurial energies in late October, the seeds of this were first shown in regards to the concepts of regenerations similar to the phoenix dying only to rise from the ashes. The rumblings at this time have shown a brief trailer of which departments of your life needed a fresh sweeping. The actual work started the first week of December during the foreshadowing. Then the flint was struck

This Mercury journey is about laying solid foundations so that we may ignite our passions to fly high and explore the world around us with true wonderment.  Yesterday Mercury rejoins its normal forward motion trying to regain it’s perceived lost ground for the next twenty days.

The next chapter connected to this evolution will be seeded again at the beginning of March.  Be aware of what opportunities the cosmos will be providing for you to mold into something substantial!

Message: Reflection upon finding our passions to build the abundance of happiness and joy.

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