Mercury Rx 2016

Mercury Rx 2016

Mercury has gone retrograde on the morning of April 28 2016, at the 23 degrees of Taurus, thus setting the second chapter of 2016 into motion. This chapter is listed as the Red (Retrograde) Circle item #2 & Green (Direct) Circle item #3; Mercury started into its shadow period on April 14 2016 (this is the degree in which it reassumes its forward motion) about 2 weeks before the influences of this period would play out by manifesting in event oriented scenarios. As this is the Earth Element we could safely say that security issues around: how you maintain, grow and maintain your finances, resources, talent & skills would be the core concepts.

If you have any of the above degrees in your natal blueprint, then your energies also align to the cosmic environment.   The next three-week period is the universe’s way of giving you optimum opportunity to re- assess current energies to see if they align with your personal compass and eliminate baggage that no longer serve a purpose. At the end of this process, you should come out of this experience with at least one ah-ah moment.

Other energies activated since the Aries Ingress of 2016, include Saturn & Mars turning up the heat in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius as they are transiting retrograde into the Water Sign of Scorpio. A powerful image that comes to mind is water boiling. This terrible dance of inciting and instigating hostile propaganda are stretching individuals to their maximum breaking point.   Mercury has just shown up to the party and Neptune & Uranus will join, something to look forward to within the next six weeks. So if things are not already stirred up expect things to.

With the 3rd cycle reassuming this energy – item Red (Retrograde) #4 & Green (Direct) #5, activate of 2nd Earth sign Virgo. Carrying on from the previous maintaining energies now is a time to collect, gather and analyse your relationships surround work, income & resources.

The 4th cycle is connected to the 1st cycle as these two cycles point towards a transition with a common feature, the sign of Capricorn. The 1st cycle has the Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius reversing into the middle degree of Capricorn. Theses degree have been active since 2014 involving the Pluto/Uranus square furthering events which have been breaking down and rebuilding the landscape of our society. The ideas incorporated during the 1st degree of Aquarius gets onto firm ground with the Earth energy of Capricorn. Saturn the ruler of both these signs is looking towards the future in Aquarius and maintaining the status quo in Capricorn.

The fourth cycle at the end of 2016 Red # 6 has Mercury stationing at the 15 degrees of Capricorn, this degree was active mid march in 2015 it brings the Pluto/Uranus Square events back into focus. Was March 2015 an eventful month for you? If so, then your blueprint is aligning with the cosmic energy. Mercury goes all the way back to the degree of the Galactic Center @ 28 Sagittarius a Fire sign. Initiating growth in structuring finances by taking definitive action.



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