Astrology Mondays – September 26 2016 – October 03 2016

This week we begin with a new Sun/Jupiter cycle at 03 Libra which is repeated every 83 years.  The last one happened on September 26 1933, you can expect to see the next on take place 83 years in the future on the same date in 2099!  The last time we had these energies the Nazi’s were laying the corner stones to the Holocaust by creating laws denying Jews their basic human rights.  It is frightening that 2016 is mirroring these same energies only this time on American soil.

I am continually amazed by the beauty of the cosmos when we can sync our clocks to these infinite cycles.

We have the turbulent energies of the past five months move forward into a position of strength Pluto has been crawling towards its direct phase and Mars the motivator to make changes will ingress into its strength on Tuesday (Mars Day) for the next 42 days.  If you have been looking for motivation these next days will add fill your preverbal gas tank!

The New Moon which takes place Friday September 30th is also in the sign of Libra the scales, working with the Moon cycle by using the New Moon energies to reign in outlandish energies and bring them back into equilibrium.

Message:   The dark of the night is over.  Do the required course correction and embark upon a new journey!

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LibraLibra we have just embarked into your birth month, did you feel the energy shift on September 22nd?  Jupiter begins a new cycle in your solar chart, a lot of the energies which has been entangled will begin to unraveling this week.  This New Moon in Libra is a new chapter in which you embark upon.  The journey to understand your relationships by building strong foundations and creating a scared space in which you can engage in deep meaningful dialogue.

Message:   Embrace both aspects of yourself the yin/yang, when joined, form a powerful bond.

ScorpioScorpio this New Jupiter cycle and New Moon in Libra asks you to step out of your comfort zone and let loose your drive, to reach for greater achievements.   This competitive edge has you enterprising to reach distant stars within your sights.  Mars, your sign ruler will be heading into a place of strength for the next 42 days take advantage of this blessing and use it wisely.

Message:   You may feel a little bit dissatisfied with the unfoldment of current events.  Look for signs around you to point you in the right direction.

SagittariusSagittarius the challenging energies during past five months will be wrapping up by Tuesday.  As the New Moon and Jupiter/Sun cycle plants new seeds, you look towards being of service in your community and making a difference in areas in which you are passionate about.   There may be one or two hiccups which require minor adjustments but get resolved by the end of the week.

Message:  Security issues may become a focus of concern.  You know the drill, seek resolution.

CapricornCapricorn the energy dynamics of the New Jupiter cycle and New Moon place you in front of the public sphere.  If in a positive or negative light is all dependent upon how you are utilizing this energy matrix.  In presenting solutions to the challenges and celebrating the achievements you will reach a balanced approach to life.  You have reached the midpoint of your development which has been ongoing since 2008

Message:  Prepare for the lean times.  Enjoy the richness.  Remember the only thing you control is your own actions and reactions.

AquariusAquarius it may seem like you have a million tasks to accomplish this Jupiter/Sun cycle and New Moon has planted the seeds of pushing past your comfort zones and exploring a vast array of topics.  This may be a little bit disconcerting as the methods in which you operate have been radically altered.   These energies are asking you to prioritize your tasks by aligning both old and new systems into equilibrium to gain deeper insights.

Message:   After a period of rest and healing you will be able to join the calling.  For now, know that smoother currents are underway.

PiscesPisces this new Jupiter/Sun cycle and New Moon energies plant seeds to grow your resources.  This could be in the form of acquired debt or an inheritance win fall.  Both are without their challenging circumstances.  Creating a workable budget to enable a clear relationship with your finances is suggested.  Tensions at work melt away this week as the turbulent energies wane.

Messages:  Finding the balance between work and play will be rewarded.

AriesAries you have just undergone twenty months of building challenges.  The final leg of your journey eases this week as the ruler of your sign moves into a position of strength.  This new cycle of Jupiter/Sun and New Moon in your polar opposite sign of Libra is a doorway in which you are given divine wisdom.  The question is, are you open/ready to receive this.  Your attitude will play a huge role in your life experiences.

Message:  Here is raising our glasses to New beginnings!  May the blessings of the universe shower upon all your endeavors’.

TaurusTaurus this new Jupiter/Sun cycle and New Moon plants seeds that you may need to focus on the structure of things.  Similar to the perception that our bodies are sacred temples and we require divine nutrition, that which is produced naturally by mother nature.  You get add motivation to journey outside your comfort zone to encompass new life experiences

Message:   You may be in a place of internal conflict as waves of (mis)information arises.  Use your intuitive judgment to reach final conclusions.

GeminiGemini love and romantic difficulties are on the way out.  This week resets with the powerful energies of the Sun/Jupiter as well as the New Moon.  You are encouraged to explore/nurture your creative endeavors’ in conjunction with planting the new seeds of a solid foundation in all your relationships.

Message:   Take yourself to some me time.

CancerCancer in this new Jupiter cycle and New Moon energies you are building the groundwork upon which future endeavors’ can be launched.  Do not be in a huge rush to burn any bridges during this transition.  Consulting with your community elders will illuminate radical concepts.

Message:   You move forward with swiftness as new messages are received and acted upon.

LeoLeo you use this Jupiter/Sun cycle and New Moon to facilitate an open learning environment in which you provide resources to your community at large.  The motivation is your desire to see a change for the better.  Watch for your health as these energies can point towards a workaholic environment.  You want to balance all areas of your life.

Message:    You are reflecting upon past achievement and now want to improve your status.  Get ready to do the victory lap.

VirgoVirgo you will get an infusion of motivation this week as we have a lot of dynamic energies flowing.  The Jupiter/Sun cycle and New Moon advise you to keep an eye on your resources as expenses may tend to expand.  This would be a perfect time to update any skill you have been meaning to acquire.

Message:   Let your inner child out.


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