Astrology Mondays – September 19 2016 – September 25 2016

This week the stagnate energies shift forward and find balance.  Not only does the Mercury Retrograde cycle end on Thursday September 22nd but we have global energies aligning into balance as the Sun moves from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern on the fall equinox.   The Sun leaves the earth sign of the Virgin to find comfort in the intellectual sign of the scales.

When we have the cosmic energies in the four cardinal sectors you can expect to see a sense of swiftness in getting things done and a surge forward.  The supple behind the scenes Pluto and Uranus just got placed into the thick of things, similar to an elastic band stretched beyond a point ready to snap forward.  Expect things to come to a culmination with some fireworks.

Message   Stand proud and strong as you find balance in everything you put your intent behind.

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VirgoVirgo this is the week when things begin to shift and come into balance as the Sun crosses the boundary from North to South so must you cross some invisible boundary which has kept you from moving forward.  Know that this shifting into balance will require your single-minded attention to manifest thoughts into actions

Message:   Look within to find the balance you seek.

LibraLibra after a long journey of meeting others on their terms you are able to move forward with a balanced plan. Enact all the lessons learned during the past year.  This is the year for you to shine as Jupiter and Sun now embark upon a new journey on the 26th of September.


Message:    The time for healing and a new beginning is about to start are you ready?

ScorpioScorpio as time swings into balance, you sit back and recuperate your energies.  You have explored the outer reaches of the known mysteries and now it is a time to reflect upon all you have uncovered.  As with any knowledge, comprehension and how the pieces fit into the greater whole is the process which you set upon.

Message:   The hurdles are past now is a time to unburden.

SagittariusSagittarius this week is one in which you make important decisions as the cosmos aligns into balance so will you!  Your attentions are focused on the larger issues and their subsequent impacts.  Relationships and career matters which have been lagging now take off.


Message:  Victory & Achievements are promised look to provide a leadership role.

CapricornCapricorn you get the green light as of the 26th of September in career matters which have been slowly moving along are now shifted into high gear.  You again have the opportunity to revisit a past relationship which has been on your mind.  You embark upon a new path and a new way of thinking.


Message:   Reset past concepts of happy family dynamics.  The revised edition is a better blueprint as it reflects your true nature.

AquariusAquarius your intent is tested this week as the cosmic energies align so does your determination towards your goals.  You come to a realization why things have not been falling into place.  The missing piece of the puzzle is revealed. You break free of old concepts to embrace the new.


Message:   The time of action is not quite here yet.  You need to release old judgments and bias.

PiscesPisces relationship and career issues which have been stale and stagnant get a little motivated to come to the table to talk.  Know that compromise is a two-way street!  Only then will you receive the backing you are hoping for.


Messages:  In rushing to meet deadlines you may have overlooked flaws.  Extend deadlines to ensure the product is flawless!

AriesAries the past season of delays and inaction move forward.  You are given an opportunity to resolve and set anew.  This trail period does not come without its own set of challenges.  The outcome is reflected in the amount of energy you put in.


Message:  The karma of the past has now been reset.  You embark upon a new journey.

TaurusTaurus a balanced lifestyle and eating habits will play high on your list of priorities while you bring things into alignment.  As you love the basic pleasures of the five senses this may require some compromises on what pleasures in small portion sizes can compensate for fun filled activities.


Message:   You have command of any situation when your will is behind you intent.

GeminiGemini this week you move forward with confident strides as you are able to balance all sectors of your active life.  You regain your bounce and social desires to get out and grab life by the horns.  The following month will be a whirlwind of activities and ventures to engage people in social fun.


Message:   After a short rest the caterpillar emerges as the glorious butterfly!

CancerCancer you move from a place of strength and comfort as you embark upon closing down chapters and opening a new book.  This transition sets off some beautiful events which highlight the culmination of your work.


Message:   The rise of a new dawn.

LeoLeo the cosmos working overtime to bring about positive events in your life.  The balance between all your relationships and your sense of joy & accomplishments is highlighted.  You look at creating a sacred space for yourself in which you can manifest your hopes and dreams.


Message:    You are passionate about building and sustaining the dreams of the people you connect with.


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