Astrology Mondays – September 12 2016 – September 18 2016

I was amazed to discover the pattern in the mutable sign of Pisces which has been active since March 2015.  Looking back in retrospect I have come to the conclusion as Jupiter transited the Earth sign of Virgo we have had all these energies out of control which seems to reflect no rhyme or reason.  Such is the expansive influences of Jupiter in its sign of weakness.

It is only after having been purified by the fires of experience which we are able to look at the passage of time with wisdom and identify that which has been plain as daylight.  All this verbal larger than life drama which has unfolded will pass through the energies of September, which have caused people to take a huge step back and re-examine the events with restricted criteria by trimming away all the fluff and identifying the numerous untruths.

This Lunar Eclipse along with the Mercury Retrograde cycle creates an opportunity seldom offered by the cosmos to slow down and reflect upon past circumstance and create some grounding in order to move forward after September 22 2016 when both Mercury resumes its direct motion and the Majestic Sun lends its’ presence to the two benefices Venus and Jupiter in the Cardinal sign of Libra.  If you require swifter action and cannot hold off, then September 12 2016 would be the day to move forward as you will have access to relevant information.  The action carried out in September will play an important role in February 2017 when this cycle is once again highlighted but a green light is given to move forward.

Message.  Research all decisions before implementing any actions.

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VirgoVirgo, expect this week to be just as busy as the last and just as many challenges.  There will be an open dialogue going back and forth between parties to reach a mutual understanding.   This Lunar Eclipse, which takes place on Friday Sept 16 2016 is revisiting energies that have been prominent since March 2015 and will only wind down after February 2017.  Know that whatever decision was taken during this time will later be weight.

Message:    The cosmos is asking you to pay attention to the details. Be Valiant.

LibraLibra expect the week to get much busier than normal as you move forward to meet deadlines.  Many messages will be given.  Pay attention to the signs!  This Friday’s Lunar eclipse is will bring issues which were prominent in March 2015.  Use this Mercury retrograde cycle wisely as actions taken now will later bear testimony on the results in February 2017.  Your work environment has totally been changed since the beginning of 2015 if you need to make any course corrections, anytime after September 22 2016 will do.

Message:    The cycle of Karma is opening new doors.  Be confident as you walk through!

ScorpioScorpio this week’s flurry of activities ask of you to be open to receive the visible messages that hint at reducing your burdens.  This Friday’s Lunar Eclipses benefits you by exploring your relations and concepts around how your emotional needs are met.  This issue has been a constant theme since March 2015, actions taken during this reshuffle will carry pleasant consequences which will manifest in February 2017.

Message:   Now is not a time to start new projects but complete those swept under the carpet.

SagittariusSagittarius the week will be gearing up to move forward at top speeds expect a lot of bouncing back and forth between decisions. This Fridays’ lunar eclipses your fourth house matters of endings and re-building stronger foundations.  You will revisit core issues which were front and center during March 2015.  Know that these issues will come under scrutiny again during February 2017 after which you can safely lay them to rest.  Actions taken during this Mercury retrograde period will play a huge impact on the unfoldment

Message:   Following someone blindly without further understanding their obscure motives may result in setbacks.

CapricornCapricorn, expect hidden stumbling blocks to impede your path.  Move forward after minor required adjustments.  This Friday’s Lunar Eclipses your desires get highlighted, on how comfortable you are when invited to move outside of your comfort zones.  These energies are being revisited from March 2015, but with a twist depended on upon current decisions made will affect the outcomes you receive during the first couple of months in the new year.

Message:   Trust in the cosmic design.  Take actions which have gone through a rigorous research and debate process.

AquariusAquarius you seem to be flowing with life’s’ currents as you are continually making adjustments to align yourself with external events.  This Fridays’ Lunar Eclipse is another indicator on how you continue to maintain the status quo.  You will be thankful to know that the energies which began in March 2015 are starting to illuminate the journey which will commence in February 2017.  Actions taken in this past couple of weeks will further impact how many more adjustments are required during the new year.

Message:    Allow the cooler temperatures to mellow your agitated mind as you release and eliminate negative experiences.

PiscesPisces expect to have a difficult time maintaining the flow of events which take place this week.  There is a flurry of activity as events shift into high gear.  This Friday’s lunar eclipse could be overwhelming and remind you of events which coincided from March 2015 and onward.  Know you are in the middle of the storm and actions taken now will affect the outcome which is destined to unfold in February 2017.

Messages:  This is a pivotal time to make your stance known.

AriesAries, you have been trying to find that balance between the perfect spiritual path vs maintaining current societal responsibilities.  You will be required to take some very serious decisions in the interim as the season changes from one of growth then towards leanness.  This Friday’s Lunar Eclipse brings events and situations which were prominent in March 2015.  Be mindful of your actions and reactions.  As they can be perceived as over the top.  The next seven-week period is highly sensitive to volatile energies flowing beneath the surface.

Message:  Release burdens into the vast cosmos to be reborn into new vibrant energy.

TaurusTaurus this week’s energies are hectic and challenging.  This requires a commitment to meeting deadlines and being flexible in reworking many completed projects as new information comes to light.  This Friday’s Lunar Eclipses highlights your attitudes changes with respect to communications with friends and societal causes which has impacted your creative endeavors.  This journey which you began in March 2015 is reaching its completion cycle in February 2017.  Septembers transition periods asks you to explore where you see growth and making plans to accommodate for the next three years.

Message:   Take guidance with a grain of salt.  Trust your gut instinct when dealing with issues around work and career.

GeminiGemini, expect challenges and work overload this week as we gear up for more information being released which was unknown and could impact how you communicate with others.  On Friday the Lunar Eclipses your career sector and brings past issues which have been trailing since March 2015.  This Mercury Retrograde period ties up all those loose ends and will deliver a finished project by February 2017 which will reach far and wide.  Plan to take responsibility in meeting deadlines in the following two weeks, by September 22nd you will have a better understanding.

Message:   Beginnings & ending and everything in between!

CancerCancer as you are given the gentle push to explore parts unknown.  This week continues to shovel up the workload and looming deadlines.  This Friday’s Lunar Eclipse is especially beneficial to you as you are given a lighted path towards your destination.  Know you have been working towards this goal since March 2015 but now feel comfortable moving forward.  February 2017 highlights all the events which action has been taken during the month of September.  Feel the ripples precede your good fortune.

Message:   Preparing for the future requires strategic planning and implement

LeoLeo, you have been trying to find a balance between being accommodating to transiting circumstances while meeting your current responsibilities, which has been a difficult process as events have flowed without any rhyme or reason.  You are asked to remain open and aware of the signs that the cosmos has been sending, and identify the common thread which ties these seemingly random events together.  This Friday’s Lunar Eclipse points to overcoming challenges by being direct and honest in all your interactions as well as controlling burst of negative emotions which could upset the balance.

Message:   Maintain control over your actions and dialogue and leave the rest in the capable hands of the cosmos.

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