Astrology Mondays – September 05 2016 – September 11 2016

The largest planet in our solar system is on the move after spending twelve months in the sign of the earth virgin.  The harvests have been reaped now it is time to pursue the intellectual wisdom to maintain proper balance.  Jupiter will enter Libra on September 09th and will usher in larger than life dynamics on the relating sector.  Expect couples with mega-watt status to be showcased and paraded front and center in tabloid and on social media.  These celebrities will be promoting their values while building and selling their name brand status.  Who will win this popularity contest will only be tallied after October 2017 as we will have many contenders.

The future definition of what marriage means may also be re-defined as we incorporate the many forms of relationships which are acknowledged in the many individual households around the globe.  Expect the Solstices and Equinoxes to carry an extra impact as these four pivots are doorways in which energies enter our reality and raise the vibrations in order for progress to move forward.

Another prominent theme besides all the glam will be social justice by righting the wrongs inflicted upon individuals that do not have a voice.  We will bear witness to many of the issues which have been hidden or cleverly presented in a shiny façade by our western news channels.  Once this façade is ripped away the outcry will be loud and fierce as Lady Justice demands swift restitution to right all wrongs with a minimum of fuss.

Know that whatever place Jupiter resides in your birth chart to expect a larger than life revelation in what these energies represents.  With Jupiter, the gift is spiritual guru imparting their wisdom in the field of how we choose to relate.  The cardinal energy brings about a direct and swift manifestation.  The truth is uncovered to present practical applications of incorporation.

Message:    Learn to recognize and use the cycles of time.  Only then can you embrace the messages of your higher self.

VirgoVirgo, you have been blessed to have had Jupiter housed in Virgo since the past year.  You have seen immense growth in your relationships as well as your abode.  Jupiter, the great benefic will now be moving into the intellectual sign of Libra on September 9th, this shift will highlight your relationship to your possessions and skill set for the next twelve months. Expect your resources & expenses to bloom like a flower.  Before acquiring any further debt ask yourself is this truly necessary?  How far ahead will I be without dipping into the red?  As the scales of Libra try and maintain a balanced budget.

Message:    Life just picked up the pace.  Can you keep up?

LibraLibra, Jupiter will be coming into your first sector to give your sunny nature an added boost.  If you had been contemplating taking a leadership or teaching role now would be the perfect time as your prominence will precede you.  Having Jupiter angular will engage your social calendar so expect to be busy for the following year.  A caution as during this time due to over indulgence the weight may creep up.

Message:    Move forward with confidence you know your destination.

ScorpioScorpio, majestic Jupiter is lending its support to enable you to travel outside of your comfort zones.  This may feel scary as we are prompted to embrace the unknown, but as our world grows so does our experiences and what was once a wild dream becomes a reachable goal.  This would be a wonderful time to explore the greater mysteries of life.

Message:   You do not need to travel to the ends of the earth to find peace create the sanctuary you envision right in your home.

SagittariusSagittarius you have the ruler of your sign the great benefic Jupiter moving from you social tenth, to your eleventh of social groups, friendships, and your living legacy.  On a personal level, you may befriend a prominent individual that agrees to mentor you during this period, or you may consider your impact on society and support a cause close to your heart.   Know that there will be a positive outcome in how you relate one on one as well as in a group dynamic.

Message:   You are completing one chapter in your life and are ready to embark on another.

CapricornCapricorn for the past year you have taken risks and acquired all the credentials you need to move forward.  Jupiter will be highlighting your career sector in the following twelve months.  Major changes and moving forward along your life path are emphasized.  There you will find the wisdom and maturity which you shall embrace.  Maintain a balance between home and career.

Message:    Your blessings will come in small packages.  Give gratitude for the simple pleasures in life.

AquariusAquarius the next twelve months are asking you go on an adventure. Embrace the unknown by exploring interests which you have brushed aside.  During the journey of the next twelve months consider expanding your mind by learning a new language, travel to foreign lands or writing about a topic close to your heart.  You will be glad you to up life’s’ opportunity to follow your heart.

Message:    Life experiences can not be gathered by reading about it second hand.  Go out and participate in life.

PiscesPisces with the great benefic Jupiter, transitioning into the solar eighth sector brings to light a feeling of being immersed in a great spiritual river.  The deeper you dive the more you glen.  Are you ready to teach/give back what you know?  This eight house has an association of being a doorway which releases and takes on energies.  There is also a caution which you should be aware of Pisces when dealing with resources be careful in acquiring only those that are essential anything else may become a burden which can weigh you down.

Messages:  The secret is to find a balance between both the spiritual and the mundane world.  Many are becoming awakened and seek the knowledge.

AriesAries the magnificent Jupiter will be residing in your relating sector, you are graced with the presence of several spiritual teachers which will enlighten your journey for the next year.  Your relationships will feature prominently and how you resolve conflict will be highlighted.  This open dialogue will move issues which have been stagnant.  Use this time wisely.

Message:  Growing through our relationships & interactions with other individuals.

TaurusTaurus the benefic Jupiter will be transiting you sixth sector of the daily grind, maintaining your physical stamina is highlighted for the next twelve months.  This would be an opportune time to initiate a heath regime change as you completely overhaul outdated doctrines.   Be vigilant with health issues which can progress quickly if not investigated in a timely manner.

Message:   With sound body mind spirit venture forth to obtain your riches.


GeminiGemini Jupiter will transit your creative sector.  This is your playground to experience life as a carefree butterfly and sample life’s many joys.  This would be the perfect time to explore a new hobby, spend time with children or gamble on a romantic partnership.  How you utilize this energy is entirely up to you.  You can write a book about your experiences!

Message:    Do not second guess the creative process as now is a time to reach beyond your wildest expectations.

CancerCancer the benefic planet Jupiter will be heading into the sector which highlights your parental relationships, your home environment and the next chapter of transition.  Letting things go to allow room for growth. Consider yourself rebuilding your foundations in such a way as to sustain the prospect of growth for the next twelve years.

Message:   As the scales of justice so must be the division between career and home.  It is through the strong foundations of home that the career blossoms.

LeoLeo as Jupiter the Spiritual Guru transits the third sector which represents all forms of local travel and expansion.  In the coming twelve months, you will be busy engaged in your local chapter.  Expand your creative endeavors’ through various intellectual activities.  You will find building these relationships rewarding.

Message:   You have planted seeds which are breaking free to the surface.   Tend to the promise of growth which requires your attention.


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