Astrology Mondays – October 31 2016 – November 06 2016

After last week’s action, packed energies of applying discipline to our relationship with our values and what we hold dear.  Taking back our power has allowed the individuals to take advantage of an opportunity to release a tremendous amount of old energy which had been holding them back.  This week we see the work continue on an individual level as now the floodgates are opened and honest communication can ensue from this day forward and some newly reachable goals can be committed to.  The unexpected benefits of your actions may have pleasant consequences on how you live your life.

This week is all about taking positive actions which enable you to go to the next level.  This process is one in which you will need to adjust keep adjusting your actions to achieve your desired outcome.  Mind you it is the challenges which enable you to better comprehend your unconscious actions.

Message:  That which you dreamed comes into reality.

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scorpioScorpio many happy returns to you as the Sun has entered your sign.  You feel comfortable and in your element, as like the phoenix you are constantly looking deeper in order to re-invent yourself.  You get a boost of divine intervention as the week unfolds.  You have no issues expressing what needs to be done in order to complete projects.


Message:  Time has no meaning when you are reflecting on the deeper meanings of life.

sagittariusSagittarius, you have just got serious about your financial picture.  The information you received last week has shown your misconceptions in where you thought you were, and where you are in actuality.  The month just before your birthday can be a hard one as you are wrapping up last years’ energies and looking forward to new beginnings.


Message:  Be conscious of where you expend your energies.

capricornCapricorn, you have been preparing for the lean times for a while and aren’t you glad you have this to dip into now.  This past week has shown you the value in building up a buffer as you look to expand your working capital.  As the swing of the pendulum, the process of giving and taking up and down will continue.


Messages: Reinventing the image you present to the world begins a fun process

aquariusAquarius for you this shift in energies highlights your career sector and where you see yourself taking action to re-configure those issues which are no longer working.  You have got a workable solution to issues which were problematic and required team effort.


Message:  Feel confident in strutting your stuff as you have a unique way of looking at the world.

piscesPisces, as you begin new projects and explore new markets, be mindful of the running cost of actual expenses.  You will be glad you have these checks and balances as this will ensure you can adjust costs along the way.  This last week has illuminated many issues which in the past have been swept under the rug.


Messages:  Envision yourself living your dream and then manifest it.

ariesAries this past week you have turned a proverbial corner in which you have come full circle.  The cycle of loss and regrowth has been experienced.  You envision yourself to that of an eagle who is free to fly over their lands and take satisfaction from seeing dreams manifest despite the challenges.  Enjoy this well deserved moment.


Messages:  You are waiting anxiously for a reply expect a response to be delayed

taurusTaurus as the Sun’s energies highlights your relating sector and provides deeper insights on how you see others’ participation in your life, sometimes you feel like burying your head in the sand but know that networking will enable you to manifest your wishes and dreams of building better resources so you could free up your daily life and do the things which you love best enjoy life!

Message:  Listen to messages received this week as they speak of new opportunities to come.

yellow-geminiGemini this is a time in which you need to divest yourself of those issues/matters which no longer serve but only hinder.  You have had some very clear messages in large font neon.  Once things are put to rest, only then can you begin anew.


Message:  You are going through the motions but your heart is not in it anymore.

blue-cancerCancer you are embarking on a new chapter with giving your heart to the one you have found deserving.  You have played the field and now are looking for someone to share your journey.   Setting up home and family just seems right.


Messages:  Proceed only after calculating risk

red-leoLeo this week brings up past memories and times shared with family and friends around the kitchen table.  You are looking to rebuilt your home to reflect the best of what it means to be a part of a family unit.  Let’s just say you are dreaming of a white Christmas.


Message:  It is not how much you know but how you know.  Trust your intuitive instincts.

green-virgoVirgo, you are ready to strut out on your own and begin that which has been simmering on the back burner for ages.  This past week has shown you the challenges and rewards ahead.  Keep a little extra money tucked away for unexpected repairs.  You will be glad to have funds on hand.


Messages:  You have the support; it is time to cut the apron strings and fly.

yellow-libraLibra, you have moved onto other projects and are looking to expand your skill set and make some working capital.  This past week has reconfirmed your commitments to your goals which have been put on the wayside.  Know that the universe is working with.


Messages:  The great weaver manifest the desired dreams by infusing magic

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