Astrology Mondays – October 03 2016 – October 09 2016

This week the energies are in making good of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  If you are willing to adjust and accept the flow of events instead of being vested in the outcome, you will be seen as an individual ready to take charge.  Those not willing to compromise shall have a difficult time keeping up with the tides of change.  Adjusting your dreams and goals to ensure that the actions we carry out align with the growth potential we are anticipating. This week we are actively shifting and separating the truth from the sh…. t.

Tuesday sees you focus on meeting deadlines and seeing tasks are completed impeccably.  Wednesday is an emotionally intense day which can cause passions to burst forth in an uncompressing way.  This could speak to reigniting your competitive nature to ensure that you acquire the results you envision by utilizing all options.  A “whatever it takes mentality” can be a double-edged sword use it wisely.  By day’s end, any unrealistic expectations will be dashed and cold hard reality will permeate.

Thursday can be a day of feeling concerned anxiety as events which have been building come to a conclusion.  Decisions were made earlier in the week now set the cornerstone.

Friday brings out the need to transform and eliminate certain issues which not longer serve.  The weekend has an air of rolling up the sleeves and getting down to business.

Message: Experience the bounty of Mother Nature express gratitude for all of life’s blessings.

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LibraLibra the new moon has propelled you into a matrix of activities which see you embarking upon engaging in community efforts and standing up for beliefs and values.  Know that as events unfold you carry with you a social responsibility to be professional in all your endeavors.  Watch for mid-October when you will be faced with unexpected scenarios.  Handle this as you do everything else with grace and diplomacy.

Message:   Eliminate any responsibility that does not align with your life purpose.

ScorpioScorpio you get a boost to go out and pamper yourself.  You are awakened to passions which had taken a back seat due to recent past events.  Embrace a new mantra in which you state the affirmation “I am worthy of love.”


Message:   Messages received are a mixed blessing.  Look towards incorporating activities in which you find happiness.

SagittariusSagittarius good fortune, as well as challenges, will be a constant theme for the next twelve months.  You have undertaken some responsibilities which have turned into unexpected burdens.  Understand your motivation for pursuing these commitments.  As with anything new, once you understand the dynamics behind the procedures it will become easier to accomplish.

Message:  You are rethinking your commitments to find inner peace.

CapricornCapricorn you are cast in the position of host for your honored guests.  This is a time that you need to be functioning at your optimal.  In the process of entertaining, you become privy to some secret knowledge and are debating your options and subsequent consequences.  Know that your words hold power and use them wisely.

Message:  Change is swift and rewarding.

AquariusAquarius life may seem to have become a little bit jaded for you this week as you see huge changes moving forward.  It is difficult to embrace the constant motion for adjusting your stance to meet life events.  Know that as this phase of growth requires the relinquishment of old concepts similar to that of a newly turned soil can settle and breathe.

Message:  Working with current energies may require you to let go of old concepts.

PiscesPisces you are being encouraged to get out and explore what concepts you are passionate about. This week is a built up of energies encouraging you to explore your skills and interest as the next couple of weeks presents opportunities in fulfilling your decisions.

Messages:  The emphasis is on the incorporating your choices.

AriesAries,  you are finally seeing a relief from the past entanglements.  As you find your voice remember the lessons learned and implement the changes.  Move forward without hesitation, the fear will dissipate after seeing the results. Watch your actions around mid-October as the rebel in you is encouraged.

Message:  Taking responsibility for your actions is rewarding.  This will free you from your burdens.

TaurusTaurus you are looking at life through a totally different lens than a couple of weeks ago.  Mid-weeks offers incentives to reach for distant shores.  Remember to pace yourself as you are encouraged to face life on your terms.

Message:   Loose the defensive stance and embrace life with a new set of surroundings.

GeminiGemini you are feeling the need to play catch up.  Know that things are beginning to move forward.  The past upheaval has left you wanting to fill the gap with senseless chatter but resist this easy diversion and move towards embracing a mature attitude on facilitating positive outcomes.

Message:   Looking to be the change in order to move forward.

CancerCancer you may feel the energies building up towards a final showdown as all sectors are being activated.  How to deal with the unfolding energies is to eliminate the worry by practicing grounding techniques and asking your spirit guides to shine a light on your fears.   Know you have the support you seek.

Message:   Face your fears without reservations you will be happy you have conquered this mountain.

LeoLeo, you may be feeling the constraints on what you considered your fun time which may have turned into a chore.  Look towards establishing a few ground rules and healthy boundaries which will address some of the issues.  You might just want to perform a little revolt in which you issue commandments on rules of engagement.

Message:    The tides of change ask you to be considerate to yourself as you move through a swift transition.

VirgoVirgo you are racing to catch an elusive dream in which you believe you can meet illogical requirements.  The intention is good but the strategy needs to be revisited.  Contemplate why there are these conditions in the first place.

Message:   Intuitively you know what your heart is looking for, be ready to reach out and embrace it.



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