Astrology Mondays – November 28 2016 – December 04 2016

The Sagittarius New Moon activates a sensitive degree which has been active for most of the year with the mutable signs. This reminds us that we cannot depend on the others to maintain the status quo if we want something to manifest we should strive forward with our gambling spirit on untried paths. If you are wavering between two choices now is the time to commit to that possibility which your heart is secretly leaning towards. This energy is all about creating new possibilities. Begin by initiating a prayer of intent and then sit back and watch the cosmos work into actualizing your wishes.
That is the magic of this season as humanity lights the candle of hope, peace, and light. If everyone commits to writing an affirmation every day on social media, when united, will raise this vibration during this season. This selfless gift will go a long way to help bring about positive change
Message: Finding our inner radiance and acknowledge our blessings.


Sagittarius this New Moon in your birth sign highlights your relationships sector. You are about to embark on a new journey with those who you are committed to and allow into your life. This new phase is a game changer in how and where you see your career and home base structures built. The coming Mercury Rx mid-December has you reviewing your financial commitments as well. It is best to expect the unexpected.
Message: Preparing for the unexpected by being open to the possibilities


Capricorn, this New Moon is felt on a deeper internal level as you take a look at integrating new concepts and information. You look into innovative ways of expanding your influence in relation to your career. Take into consideration that Mercury will be retrograding in your sign by mid-December bring many current factors into play.Message: Similar to the stars above shine in your light.


Aquarius this New Moon reminds you of where you saw yourself when you set your goals into motion. Life has a tendency to waylay your best-laid plans. Make the appropriate adjustments to realign with your desired outcomes. The journeys you have taken in the past have helped you crystallize your game plan in developing your assets and skills.
Message: Striving to meet expectations while enjoying the little pleasures.


Pisces, this New Moon cycle has you paying attention to your career and assuming a leadership or guidance role. You are called to use your skills which you had considered outdated in moving a project forward. Incorporate ideas from others on your team to build unity.
Message: Advancements using skills to move forward




Aries, this New Moon lends its’ fiery support in catering to your passionate nature of fearlessly going out to overcome personal challenges. You may explore the possibilities of going back to school for further upgrading or seeking opportunities further afield. Know that the coming Mercury Retrograde cycle will highlight actions taken now.

Message: Gathering your resources as you prepare for the desired results.


Taurus this week’s New Moon would like you to focus on exploring the depths of that hidden realm which seem to bring out the dual nature of fear and temptation. This is a unique way of dealing with new energies by paying respect and honoring those forces which are continuously working in the background.
Message: In the realm of emptiness lies infinite possibilities


Gemini, this week’s New Moon has you focusing on how you interact with those people who hold an important place in your life. You awaken to bring a sense of play, creativity & laughter back into your daily experience. Know that the universe is open to granting those wishes made with sincerity.
Message: Taking deliberate action through inaction.


Cancer this New Moon focuses on your immediate environment and how you schedule your time throughout the day. The seeds planted during this time will have unexpected results which take you on a totally different path. As the Mercury Retrograde period approaches in mid-December – partnerships and agreements struck now may need to be checked over with a keen eye to mitigate any conflicting future issues.
Message: Culling that which no longer serves to allow for future growth.


Leo, this New Moon draws your attention on self-expression and that which promotes happiness. You are urged to explore and participate in those actives which allow you freedom of creativity. The past year has seen many transitions. This reaffirms your commitments to allow for a new daily structure which efficiently streamlines work routines.
Message: Learning from the past to balance the future.


Virgo, this week’s New Moon has you focusing on creating that playful holiday season as shown in the movies. The traditional scenes of the family and friends gathered around the kitchen table help create lasting memories which set a precedent for the future.
Message: Creating a balance with the cosmic by mirroring a winning strategy.


Libra this New Moon has you embracing and accepting those aspects which were disenfranchised. This past year has been one of the extremes, which has allowed you to test your mettle and comprehend your strengths and expose those beliefs which no longer serve.
Message: Realization of the greater cycle of the cosmos and where you belong.


Scorpio the New Moon energy has you looking at revamping your skills and finances in which you allow for and anticipate all factors. This plan takes into consideration your basic nature so there will be no need to justify or self-sabotage your goals.
Message: Using your skills to graduate to the front of the class

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