Astrology Mondays – November 21 2016 – November 27 2016

The intensity of the last couple of weeks gets dialed back as the Sun makes its transit into the freedom loving sign of the Archer.  Most people look to shake off the negative vibration as we head into the holiday season.  The people who have Venus and Mercury ruled signs prominent in their birth charts will continue to pave it forward by working tirelessly to carry the torch and draw attention to social injustices.  This week we have many energies sparking climaxes and witnessing many showdowns.  The communication networks have been likened to a beehive after the election, has tapered off, when Mercury lends its voice to Jupiter by midweek you will see the simmering embers ignite and amplify only to meet resistance as well as surprisingly solidarity.  On Thursday, we see many social and government agencies uniting to accomplish common goals as large movement of resources have been put into play.  By weeks end we may see a mediation or acknowledgment in regards to the long-standing protest at Standing Rock.  Many will make the decision to engage in accepting the responsibility of action vs non-action as they participate in open dialogue to filter through the facts.

As we complete the final six weeks of 2016 we are faced with a decision in how we deal with the rising cost of debt on a personal and national level as we head into one of the most expensive holiday season. The weekend brings many chances for social gatherings.

Message:  The Wise know when to share information and when silence is best served.

sagittariusSagittarius this week may present some challenges in completing tasks as you lack the momentum due to over extending yourself.   Financial deadlines are given a reprieve as stagnant funds are released at the 11th hour.  Allow for some flexibility in scheduling and prioritizing your projects.

Message:  Balanced expansion with some checkpoints build in.

capricornCapricorn, this week many events reach their conclusion phase.  During this cycle of completion and new beginnings you gain deeper insights into what your heart is missing.  Do not be in a rush to fill the void with material fluff.  Sit with this energy to explore and manifest that which you most yearn.

Message:  Acknowledging a milestone seeding the next phase.

aquariusAquarius your friends offer you their experience and advise on similar life experiences.  Take that which resonates and store the other as backup info which you can utilize when required.  There is a commitment you are thinking of making in regards to unifying new lifestyle changes which require you to research further to see if they align with your values.

Message:  Listen to your intuition and dreams.

piscesPisces, this week you are dealing with minor health concerns which requires you to make a slight commitment to action.  You have just been given added responsibility.  Focus your full attention to minimize overlooking any inconsistencies.

Message:   Focus and review all the details.

ariesAries, this week you are impatient to move forward.  After facing lengthy delays, you have formed a new base in which you envision your life path unfolding.  After consulting with partners and experts you have explored the pros & cons and are optimistic on getting the desired results by the beginning of the new year.

Message:   Having joy in your heart and eagerly anticipating the coming months.

taurusTaurus this week you are offered a unique opportunity which has you wondering why the universe would give you such a mixed bag.  This is hidden potential for you to uncover and mold with your talents.  What comes about is through your hard work and vision.

Message:  A bag of items has been handed, what do you manifest?

yellow-geminiGemini, this week you reach a milestone in which you see less then desired results.  Do not take this negatively as you have worked hard to accomplish this goal.  The message is to appreciate the people that have helped you along the way.

Message:  Swimming with the current and making a determined advancement.

blue-cancerCancer this week is all about finding your balance and rhythm as we head into the holiday season.  Your generous nature sees the void and unconsciously seeks to fulfill the needs.  This week will challenge you to put yourself first while still staying true to yourself.

Message:   Weighing your options carefully.

red-leoLeo, you have been searching for that spark which will engage you to a new direction.  You have been feeling a shift in life which has become stagnated and now begins its forward movement.  The reignited flame which asks you to make a commitment.  You will get the required support though this transition.

Message:  New opportunities offered.  Are you willing to explore the possibilities?

green-virgoVirgo this week is easy to commit readily to visions of castle in the skies as you are open to many possibilities but beware all that glitters is not gold.  It is okay to use this time to plant the seeds, good things come when the timing is right.

Message:  Caution, have your feet planted firmly on the ground.

LibraLibra this week you are given opportunities to end thing with grace and love as you transition from a place of healing to take deliberate action which has been in the planning stages for the last six weeks.  The Holiday season sees you bring optimism to your home as the next six weeks are used to bridge these two energies.

Message:  The give and take of resources.

scorpioScorpio this week you experience progress forward as that which was stagnate takes motion.  Your dreams take on a power of coming to fruition as the cosmos aligns to deliver on its promises.  Trust in your community to lend the support and participate in your victories.

Message:  Growing excitement while waiting for projects to complete.

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