Astrology Mondays – November 07 2016 – November 13 2016

We have the US elections which opens on Tuesday (Mars day) under the sign of Scorpio also ruled by the same planet, can we expect to see a lot of voter turnout as people come out to make their voices heard? Yes! I believe that this may constitute one of the highest voter turnouts as this election has engaged the passions of the people to take action. All through this election Mars has presented a very dominate in your face energy during the early spring though summer only cooling down as it exited where Saturn was holding court.

We find the last Solar Eclipse degree being activated by the North Node vibrating as opposing Neptune, South Node and the Moon which will co-join the dynamic configuration by days’ end.  We have Mars posed at the 29th degree getting ready to make a move.  Expect a volatile release of energy as half the nation is shocked by the election results.  The candidate, whose stars’ favor victory would be Hilary Clinton.

In Remembrance to the fallen who have through their sacrifice paid the ultimate price for our homeland. – Never forget the cost of War. May peace reign throughout the globe.

Message:  There is no greater force stronger when individuals come together to support a common cause to advance humanity as a whole.

scorpioScorpio, you are busy trying to meet deadlines and get things accomplished before the week is out.  Now is a time to put all your energies behind this final push to succeed.  The Full Moon next Monday highlights the past events of late April which were in need of resolution & clarification, come to close.  The information you seek will be presented with no further misunderstandings.

Message:  Inner reflection is sought to illuminate the next phase.

sagittariusSagittarius, you have been dealing with micromanaging multiply responsibilities which have you questioning how much longer you can keep doing this before you burn-out.   This week the shift in energies have you minding your health and reevaluating your values and beliefs.  The events during the eclipses of late August are again highlighted but this time with a push to seek that which you have denied yourself due to commitments.

Message:  Aligning the journey with what the heart desires.

capricornCapricorn, you are contemplating between two choices between where your heart wants you to go and where your ego is leading you.  Know that both these energies are coming from one source you!  To enjoy the security, you need to balance the equation by adding happiness.  Without this in your life the other allows emptiness to take root.  Know that this week’s shift in energies allow the Full Moon to illuminate the pathway to inner peace and happiness.

Message:  The divide between the what the heart desires and what the ego enforces.

aquariusAquarius, emotions and feelings are heightened as you have blindsided by recent events.  Life is urging you to step outside your normal parameters and make some innovated decisions which have you exploring various career options.  Know by next Monday’s Full Moon your path will further be illuminated.


Message:  A time of challenge as you reestablish your foundations.

piscesPisces the energies this week are mirroring the eclipse impact of late August.  Now is a time of utilizing your resources to carve a new direction for yourself.  You have illuminated the truth unbiased and now it is up the ones involved to draw their own conclusion.  Know that after February, karma will deposit its’ accounting and you shall be pleasantly surprised.

Message:  A commitment made to take charge of your life.

ariesAries you have been feeling like a rudderless boat recovering after being tossed into the four winds.  The highs and lows will still require some time come into balance. External events seem to bring into awareness an awakened state to integrate a revival of finding your identity.  This week’s energies are a platform in which you are being urged to bridge the gap between realigning your values to reflect your higher purpose.  The Full Moon illuminates all which you have worked hard to manifest and a need to build healthy boundaries

Message:  You are completing a work cycle which requires you to tie up all loose ends.

taurusTaurus for your things are coming to a completion in which you may need to tap into that rainy-day fund you have been saving.  As we get closer to the holiday season expenses and responsibilities may have you reaching for your safety net.  The shift in energies this week will allow you to navigate next month more effectively.  Next Monday’s Full Moon in your sign illuminates what changes you need to make in order to get ahead.

Message:  Adjusting your views as new information emerges.

yellow-geminiGemini this week is important in integrating the services you provide to align with the desired outcome you wish to obtain.   You are prompted to take action in perusing those dreams which you had put on hold during the late summer months.  Next Monday’s Full Moon in Taurus will illuminate the power of wisdom when applied creatively.


Message:  Stay the course do not lose sight of your goal.

blue-cancerCancer this week we see many personal energies shifting to accommodate various responsibilities but the universe is advising you to take a time out to schedule several chapters of deserved pampering.  Being the master organizer, you can create an effective way of stealing an hour here and there to recharge your batteries.   If you look after yourself now, then you can take the coming holiday season by storm.    Next Monday’s Full Moon illuminates a need to bring the happiness back by letting your inner child out to enjoy the festivities.

Message:   Love given + Love receive + Self Love = Love attracts Love

red-leoLeo as life circumstances change so must you.  You see a major shift in how you impact the world around you.  This has you questioning if you are on the correct path.  The New Moon in your brings back into focus events that played a prominent role at the end of August.  This Full Moon illuminates the need make a commitment to transform aspects which no longer have any validity.

Message:  Making the commitment to steer your ship to your destination of choice.

green-virgoVirgo you redirect your energies with renewed determination after last week’s upsets.  Do not consider this in anyways a deterrent but a very valuable learning experiences on how you can use the information gleaned to your advantage.   Next week’s Full Moon will illuminate the path to acquiring the freedom and security you are chasing will come when you embrace your power.

Message:  Challenges are welcomed opportunities to grow in character.

yellow-libraLibra this week’s energies are pushing you to take a deeper look at how you structure and grow and access your resources.   You are urged to create a savings buffer to tide you over when times become lean.  Extra help is there for the asking don’t be shy about seeking services which have been placed for this very purpose.  It is now time to face the truth which you had glimpsed during late summer.  If you would like to have the security and freedom to accomplish your dreams you must compile a game plan – and take calculated risks!   Next Monday’s Full Moon illuminates the need to be on intimate terms with your resources.  As the festive season begins guard against over extending yourself.

Message:  That which is done with intent sees growth.  What will you manifest?

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