Astrology Mondays – June 19 2017 – June 26 2017

In this week’s AstroCurrents we look to make some adjustments with where we see our personal relationships are going/not going. We have many aspirations in which we are dreaming of manifesting. Some of our goals stem from a need to recapture the past which is connected to an emotional memory buried deep in our childhood the exact memory is faded but the feelings are to mystic to describe. Remember it is not about capturing a fleeting butterfly but taking that kernel which is precious and transplanting those elements while incorporating all the new and efficient way of living your life. This week ends, with a brewing discontent and a need to address issues which have been hindering your creativity.
This cardinal point is celebrated in many cultures around the world as the Sun is the giver of life. The Sun has traveled to the northern delineation and literally stands in stillness from Monday June 19 to the Summer Solstice on June 23, this pause is in anticipation of doorways opening and letting go of stagnated energies and allowing the flow of new energies. As the declining light and the days begin to get shorter we are reminded that after the upcoming harvest in August, we should plan for the lean times as well. What is it you wish to accomplish in the next six months? A great way of using this natural cycle is to incorporate goals you would like to see manifest in the twelve astrological areas of life. I have given three examples in each of these houses as well as a blank sheet. Feel free to print out the blank and fill your goals.
I still have my copy of the Winter Solstice Goals posted on my fridge and I am amazed to see how many goals have manifested. Good luck, in the opening of as many doorways as you desire.
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