Astrology Mondays – June 12 2017 – June 18 2017

In this week’s AstroCurrents we are given the opportunity to open the doorways to a clearer understanding by communicating on a deeper level.  Travel of all sorts is encouraged even flight of the imagination, when the words just flow from the unconscious mind painting a vivid story onto a blank canvas.  For those in the mundane world this could point to daydreaming of vacationing by the beach side thus a little bit of forgetfulness or being absentminded.

Midweek we are reminded of our reasonability, which need to be addressed this would be a perfect time reassess those duties which have become a burden maybe it is time to let this go.  Write out the pros and cons, open a dialogue with those involved to explore your options.  As we speak our truth we find contentment with taking a firm action before the deep resentments can build and fester.

This release makes space for unimagined opportunities, as you have shed the shackles which have tied you down.  You may feel some misgivings at first as the energy is unusual and foreign but once you embrace this unconditionally you will realize this is what you have been craving.

The Summer Solstice is a powerful time, this is a cosmic doorway opening allowing old energies to fade out and new energies to be birthed.  The Sun literally stands in stillness gathering the energy to change its direction towards the southern hemisphere. What do you see yourself doing?  What would you like to manifest? Where would like to sail off to?  Think deeply how you will utilize this blessing to chart your life for the next six months.

Just a heads up the Summer Solstice is on June 21st 2017 some things to prepare for are writing out your dreams of the next six months. More on this next week.

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