Astrology Mondays – June 05 2017 – June 11 2017

Welcome to Astro Currents by Sukhwinder Gadey,
In this week’s AstroCurrents, we set forth with a determination to get things done. Our passions are ignited to find that which best aligns with the compass of our values. We meet new companions upon our journey to communicate at a deeper level. This further invokes an awareness of where/what we are meant to do.
Currently, we stand upon a threshold wrapping our strength around us like a shield preparing to join the party upon our terms. This repositioning will later pay off as the universe aligns to bring to us that which is most advantageous.
We see the Mercury and Venus returning to their respective first homes. Their long journey has been one of gaining a pathway to independence through intellectual understanding.
By planting those seedlings which in the last heated rays of summer will mature to bear fruit. The valuable restructuring of ideas and boundaries which have been going on behind the scenes will reach a resolution with the emergence of Jupiter from its backward dance.
Venus temporarily mitigates the uncontrollable emotional outbursts which Mars will continue to exhibit from May 15 to June 28 2017.
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