Astrology Mondays – July 17 2017 – July 23 2017

In this week’s AstroCurrents we are off to the races with an action-packed feeling of breaking free of any confinements. This closing square before the New Moon on Sunday highlights our yearning for walking on the path less trodden. The urge to cut the ties that bind is felt with more strength than usual. Giving in to this knee jerk reaction can have unexpected results. It would be wise to know that triggers are littered like minefields and to tread lightly.
Used by the wise soul this same energy can be utilized to get in touch with your inner world and transcend. This is an opportunity to have that moment when everything is revealed and you push past that barrier to embrace that which is hidden.
It is up to the individual which pathway beacons as we are all on our own individual journeys and therefore there are no mistakes only experiences to be gleaned. We assign the positive and negative because we associate positive with happiness and negative with challenges. But tell me the truth how many can say without the challenges the harmonious times would not be as precious.
By mid-week, we see the connections we make pay off as we are in the right place at the right time to say yes to new opportunities as what you have express has been promoted to a formal structure requiring authentication and placing you in a position to present yourself on a larger stage.
The latter part of the work week sees a marked change in the AstroCurrents, as we have Mars moving into the solar sign of the lion and infuses a need to provide a swiftness of motion as Leo is the feature flavor of the year with a wallop of energies begin their cosmic dance. Powerplays are rolled out to test the waters bringing some of the rash energies of Monday to the forefront from an inner need to right a perceived slight.
Mercury is slowing down as he is getting ready to enter into its shadow phase beginning next week. This Mercury Retrograde is going to be a noteworthy one as it takes place in the sign of its strength and highlights the Season of Eclipses which begins with the Sun Entering its home in Leo on Saturday then hours later conjoining with the 1st New Moon of the Month at zero degrees.
New Moons are awesome times to manifest the twelve different solar energies in which the Sun transits during a thirty day period. As Leo is the Sun’s home the solar influence will be highlighting our relationship with ourselves.
The focus moves from building a balanced relationship with our inner emotional world to identify what you would like to manifest in aligning your hearts desires to our soul’s purpose.

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