Astrology Mondays – January 02 2017 – January 08 2017

Happy New Year. We usher in the New Year with much hope and promise as we see the mighty Jupiter and Saturn support global incentives for the entire week as well as Venus’s ingress into Pisces till the end of the month. Mercury provides subtle opportunities on Tuesday before slipping into Sagittarius for the next four days this change is a notable difference as a sense of urgency to accomplish tasks which were left undone. As the end of the week approaches, we bear witness to the meeting of two powerful energies. This meeting will shift our preconceived ideas of governing bodies and the amount of power they may wield. The full impact of these build dynamics will not be disclosed until the end of the month.  Mercury will be resuming its direct motion on Sunday but expect to regain lost ground after the shadow period ends on the twenty-fifth.

Message: The candle of hope and abundance is light to usher in 2017.

Like fingerprints, everyone’s natal chart is unique as the individual who carries the cosmic energies. If you are curious how this applies to you feel free to book an astrological consultation to explore your cosmic imprint connect with Sukhwinder via – Facebook Email –, or Telephone – 604.653.5216

capricornCapricorn, you are facing deadlines in which have you scrambling to meet the demands of bosses. Work within the framework provided as you begin the New Year with a spark of contentment. You achieve a greater understanding and come into your own by the end of the week as you have major choices to make. The Full truth of the matter will be revealed by the end of the next New Moon

Message: Swimming with the currents enables success quicker.

aquariusAquarius 2017 shows will get a defining boost from supporting energies to stretch outside your comfort zone in order for you to focus on achieving your goals. This year showcases a series of events which showcase you acquiring the art of stretching and maintaining firm budgets to get maximum returns.


Message: Inner reflection towards embracing a dream and creating boundaries.

piscesPisces as a person gather their courage and strength before embarking upon an adventure you also are posed upon a threshold. In anticipation, take a couple of breaths to ground yourself and maintain your center. Once you have reached this inner calm you will enjoy being the center of attention as others look to you for guidance.


Message: Hesitation to embark on a new journey.

ariesAries, as 2017 unfolds the first week sets up the energies for the next four to five months which focus on partnerships and relationships. The next couple of weeks bring out aspects of your character in which you may find it easier to self-sabotage and drift or negotiate foreign territory with confidence all dependent upon how you are utilizing this energy.


Message: Anticipating the coming year with reviewing your past results.

taurusTaurus, the beginning of the year sets you exploring your belief and obtaining higher wisdom by creating situations in which you are literally able to travel to distant places and witness first-hand foreign concepts which allow you to invest your resources. This opens new doorways to enable career transitions and build a savings nest.


Message: Getting serious about placing your plans into action.

yellow-geminiGemini, you are able to tap into resources to add another skill set to your toolbox as you aim to network towards building a sustainable work base. This week your career gets a boost as you show efficiency in creatively managing issues as they emerge.


Message: Thinking fast on your feet as you take inspiration from daydreams.

blue-cancerCancer the first week of 2017 opens with a lot self-reflection and how to better utilize your energies in the coming year. You gather together the different experiences to access the past year, but do not get pulled into the negative by focusing on things that did not work out instead concentrate your energies on the steps that did work. Friday brings a decisive action on matters which have been festering. Set firmly upon your charted course.

Message: Analyzing the past line up the future.

red-leoLeo, 2017 is a year of new beginnings and taking care of creating new health regimes. You are now able to embrace with total confidence your identity of “I am….”! 2016 allowed you a small glimmer to experience this freedom of expression. 2017 will further allow you to own this energy with total confidence. The journey towards this lifestyle change will require some sacrifices, which is small when compared to the rewards

Message: Accepting change and a new perception.

green-virgoVirgo, you are weighing what brings you joy in your relationships and what has become a chore. Sometimes for you, the responsible of sustaining the status quo can become burdensome that all the joy gets sucked out and only the darkness remains. This week sees you re-defining your priorities to find joy in all aspects of your life.


Message: Creating healthy boundaries by being selective with your inner circle.

yellow-libraLibra you begin 2017 from a position of strength as you are engaged in making progressive changes in your career as well as manifesting your optimum being. The pathway to embracing this will be a lifestyle change in which you lay down firm foundations with what is working and eliminate the chains that bind.


Message: Opportunities for steady growths and progress.

scorpioScorpio the beginning of the year finds you gathering your energies inward as you assess the upcoming months. There seems to be a need to conserve your resources until you have a better handle on a viable game plan. You make use of your communication skill as you shift through what engages your passions.


Message: Juggling time during the chaos to be fruitful.

sagittariusSagittarius, you have many dreams which have high hopes to see manifest in this year. The beginning weeks see you meeting and working with others to build resources as you iron out all the bugs. Expect unexpected holdup while dealing with paperwork as expected deadlines will require to be pushed back to accommodate for these delays.


Messages: Anticipating the potential abundance to see your plans succeed.

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