Astrology Mondays – December 12 2016 – December 18 2016

This week opens with a mellow Monday as the effects of the weekend linger. Tuesday’s Full Moon challenges the recent decisions made towards reaching a satisfaction of justice served.  We will see much information released but must decipher the source and the intended audience. This sense of forward movement may seem like just a front for placating the masses until action can be taken next week.  This week will see many meetings and ideas exchanged but the results will not be fully witnessed until next Monday in which we begin the three-week Mercury retrograde period in the Earth sign of Capricorn.  This foreshadowing period has spotlighted governments and the internal power struggles.  More to follow next week.

Message:  Taking action to right a wrong.

sagittariusSagittarius this Full Moon shines a light on how you view your different personalities you show in your relationships.  Taking at deeper look at how you respond to others when communicating your needs and desires will awaken the triggers and self-defense mechanism you use on an unconscious level.  Are partners responding to your prompts?  Do not be afraid to show your soft caring side as this is what will build a stronger bond.  Dare to take a gamble for what you aspire.

Messages:  A new relationship cycle will bloom in which you connect with deeper understanding.

capricornCapricorn this Full Moon has you rethinking your health regimes as what you are currently doing has not been effective and you are not seeing the desired results.  You feel the need to integrate some motivation by reaching out to friends with similar goals.  By being accountable to a buddy will see you through to your goals.


Message:  It’s all about visualizing the desired results and using determination to follow through.

aquariusAquarius right now everything is in flux.  This Full Moon is making avail to you a time between the storms to take stock where your heart would like to guide you.   The interesting thing is you need to be determined to move forward without expecting anything in return.  Utilizing the deep faith in yourself for a change as things settle down.  Know that this transition signals a passing of the guards.

Message:  Have faith in yourself and the universe to deliver.

piscesPisces, past hurts have a way of surfacing this holiday season as disillusion and fortune walk hand in hand.  On one side, you look towards making transitions on your working environment and on the personal side you are rebuilding from the bottom up.  This year has been a year of flux and ebb, although you are familiar with this energy it has broken down firm beliefs in its stead are giving rise to a revamped value system.

Message:  Take charge of the future you wish to build.

ariesAries this Full Moon sees you charging ahead towards your perceived freedom.  Take care not to rush towards something which does not measure up to the dream.  You are given the opportunity to play out your most desired wish.  What is the problem you ask?  Sometimes we have carried a dream for so long that we have noticed that it no longer serves and we are just going through the motions. Enjoy living in the present.

Message:  Verbalize your passions and see if they still resonate.

taurusTaurus, this Full Moon illuminates your need to build rich resources in which you can concentrate on what you enjoy most, living life through your five senses.  You see money as a means to an end in acquiring the finer things.  This is a perfect opportunity to advantage of opportunities at work.


Message:  Exploring abundance and what this word means to you.

yellow-geminiGemini, you see Full Moon reflective of the changes you are looking to make.  The next month sees you working out all the issues that you have been having in expressing your opinions as the past couple of weeks have put a drain on your resources and energy.  Know as you face these challenges there will be two steps forward for every step taken in reverse.  This is just the natural process of building strong roots.

Message:  Through transition you discover the strength within.

blue-cancerCancer this Full Moon asks you to cut the mind clutter and listen to instincts which have been telling you that something is afoot.  This week the energies have been building from the last couple of weeks looking to for a release which will come next week.  Concentrate on grounding your energy to balance the yin and yang


Message:  Seek to empower yourself through positive affirmations.

red-leoLeo, this Full Moon is illuminating your need to seek further freedom from preconceived responsibilities Gather your strength as you embrace a new word.  No! This one word will allow you to peruse the creative endeavors you have put off.  By saying no, you are in fact saying Yes to all those buried desires.


Message:  Reclaiming your power of expression.

green-virgoVirgo this is an important time for you as you come into your own and comprehending what it means to freely make your own decisions and mistakes without anyone looking over your shoulder.  You are bridging the gap of taking charge of your finances.  Your contribution and skills are making a positive impact.


Message:  The flow of expenditures is being curtailed.

yellow-libraLibra the next couple of weeks will be very important for you as build upon and refine your foundations of the many ideas which are waiting to be birthed.  This Full Moon reaches out to nudge you to take the gamble in laying the cornerstone.  This initial step is reflective of the hard work which will be needed to mold the results you seek


Message:  Taking the power to lead into success.

scorpioScorpio this Full Moon has a very important message for you.  Now is not the time to second-guess the actions taken during the past week.  This awkward phase between two points is just a temporary fix.  The cosmos is urging you to embrace your power and determination as you will have opportunities for small journeys which delivers big.


Message:  Seeking growth through movement.



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