Astrology Mondays – December 05 2016 – December 11 2016

This week opens with a competitive spirit to eliminate all the items on that endless list and meet deadlines.  We have a lot of supporting influences and people coming together on common ground as well as in celebration. The two challenges aspects both involve Saturn – Jupiter and the Sun after many voices raised to be heard a balancing of the scales towards an equilibrium which illuminates a new emerging identity.  The changing governing structures which take place from December to early spring will unfold in the next two years.

Message:  Coming together in celebration by eliminating our differences and standing together

sagittariusSagittarius the sun Saturn intensifies asking you to you to take a serious look at your physical well-being as this can point to a time that mobility may become an issue.  Be aware of your surroundings and be grounded as you perform your daily tasks.  This week highlights many challenges if dealt with in a mature and professional manner will lead to many opportunities.

Message:  Seeing with clarity and anticipating the coming dawn.

capricornCapricorn, this week brings about temptations which make it easy to forget about your very detailed plans.  You find many treasures which inspire you.  Be selective where you distribute your resources as it can be easy to get carried away with all the glitter and cheer.


Message:  Keeping the books balanced while curbing impulses.

aquariusAquarius this holiday season seems to be a mixed bag of highs and lows as you navigate through surprising revelations.  Expected resources are delayed which require you to make adjustments in budgets.  Reach out to confidants who are willing to provide support.


Message:  Re-defining your priorities to reflect current life circumstances.

piscesPisces this month highlights a change in status for you.  If you have put in the hard work know that bosses have been paying attention to your contribution.  The past couple of weeks has seemed like you could do no wrong! The ebb and flow at work can seem a bit erratic stay focused on the goal.


Message:  The ending of one cycle and the beginning of another.  Trust in the process.

ariesAries, relationships may present a challenge as partners seem a little bit distant at the moment.  They have some heavy responsibilities which they are looking after.  Get the conversation started and see how you can provide assistance.  Just asking how their day went and being there to bounce ideas off of will provide much-needed support.


Message:   Working together to overcome the challenges.

taurusTaurus, you are in a thoughtful mood as the year winds down.  Looking back, you see areas for improvement and are considering acquiring new skills to give you that advantage to get ahead.  You have firm plans in place which is your main focus.  Be open to receiving some new opportunities.


Message:  Reevaluating your skills and considering new skills.

yellow-geminiGemini your relationships and creative ventures may require you to take a gamble and wear your heart on your sleeve.  You are fearlessly going forward seemingly driven by an inner restlessness which is pushing you towards action.   Expect the wow factor and deeper insights to illuminate your path.


Message:  A change in attitude as you accept your unique gifts.

blue-cancerCancer as we approach this holiday season you find that you are extra busy with packing in as much activity at work as well as home.  This holiday season can be a time of stretching the resources of our wallet as well as leave us physically exhausted.  Listen to what your body is telling you and don’t overwork the holidays.  Remember to have fun.


Message:   Coming together to work on a common goal.

red-leoLeo, people may be especially irritating in their demands of your time.  Although you are used to maintaining your boundaries you have seen the need and are compelled to offer your unique insights.  Know that family and friends appreciate your efforts.


Message:  Accepting change and a new perception.

green-virgoVirgo, you are experiencing a new sense of freedom by following your creative pursuits.  This security has been reached though past trials in which you have had to face many difficulties which have tested your commitments to this venture.   Celebrate every milestone


Message:  Creating healthy boundaries by being selective with your inner circle.

yellow-libraLibra this holiday season you are looking back at your early years and how life seemed to weave a tapestry of events.  Taking a look at the whole has you amazed at what a rich and blessed existence you have experienced and yes even the challenging points have enriched your life.


Message:  Nostalgia when reflecting on past events.

scorpioScorpio your heart is telling you to move on and make that change you have been yearning for.  The next two weeks see you embarking upon new initiative which may see in transition.  Know that the new year will open opportunities not anticipated.


Message:  Making an important decision by following your heart.


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