Astrology Mondays – August 8 2016 – August 15 2016


The Sun has reached the middle of the sign of the fierily Lion, the outward energies have a tendency to be more reflective as people turn away from the circus shenanigans that has been the constant bombardment of the media.  As we see a somewhat balance between the elements of earth and fire we have the pendulum swing from intellectual, too emotional to blistering upsets and then practicality shall return.

With Jupiter coming out of its shadow phase and Saturn posed to move direct we have a releasing of energy and a momentum forward.  The next two months set up forward charge with the eclipse season and Mercury (especially strong) making its retrograde journey through its home sign of Virgo.

Surprisingly people are making the leap of faith step off the roller coaster of madness and concentrate on what really matters.  Paying it forward by everyday acts of kindness and spreading the love of simply existing within their home, work & community.

The constant state of heightened alert has not served any purpose other than promoting a fear-based reality.  This, in turn, has prompted many wise individuals to plant the seeds of what they would like to bear witness.


Red - LeoLeo this week is one where you go with the flow of external events.  You seem to gain deeper insights into how to incorporate changes for your greater good. Health may be highlighted to include pulling back your energies by letting go of disciplines that are no longer of service.

Message:  Be aware of those who cast judgement on others.


Green - VirgoVirgo life has become busy this week as you deal with issues related to the needs of children.  You have surrounded yourself with events which have unintentionally isolated you and you feel as if your choices are limited.  Ask and the universe will provide.

Message:    Trust in your heart to guide you to your destination.


Yellow - LibraLibra you may have been feeling a little bit rebellious as past issues have been pushed aside.  Note that this cannot continue as the turbulent waves of resentment rise.  Guard your health as issues around allergies and medicine interactions can show up.  A new understanding is budding to awareness allow the process to unfold naturally

Message:  Love yourself unconditionally & Release past grievances.


Blue - ScorpioScorpio you may be going through an inner journey in which you have gleaned divine communications.  What you do with this knowledge is a choice which can be difficult as with a new concept so must old ideas perish.

Message:  Uniting the two makes a whole.


Red - SagittariusSagittarius this week has turned up the heat on your fiery nature.  There maybe some self-doubts surface earlier in the week as contradictory signals are received.  But energies are moving forward, towards a completion which you have been waiting for a long time, which you see accomplished next week.

Message:  Sacred knowledge gives you the confirmation you are seeking.


Green - CapricornCapricorn you are encouraged to travel outside your comfort zone.  What idea are waiting to be born, what adventures await to be had, only you can bring them to fruition.  Next week opens the doorways that have been hindering your process.  Know that event at the beginning of the year were important to guide you where you needed to be.

Message:  Perseverance can deliver the results you are looking for.  Keep your eyes focused on your goals.


Yellow - AquariusAquarius the energies presented this week is a mixed bag which pulls and tugs at you to redefine your boundaries.  You have become so sensitive to others’ constant chatter which is beginning disturb your personal peace.  Look to eliminate though putting a wide distance between irritants.

Message:  Get outside and connect through the natural elements & incorporate the color green in your wardrobe.


Blue - PiscesPisces you shine at work as your quickness in accomplishing tasks are recognized.  The last three months have been a huge buildup to these couple of weeks in August which release messages of life events earlier in the year. It has been a huge awakening towards how your personal relationship have been functioning.

Messages:   Honor the people in your life’s journey.  Relationships are constantly changing those that stand still have much to lose.


Red - AriesAries, you have projects which are awaiting the impute of others.  Now is not the time to move forward as processes need to be completed before initiating the next step.  This week passes as in anticipation.  Your efforts are better placed in social engagements.

Message:  Know that you have all the abilities you need to manifest your dreams


Green - TaurusTaurus you feel work has been dominating your life lately and feel like tossing your responsibility into the four winds.  You may get away with this for a couple of days but later in the week reality returns.  Messages received offer a new outlook.

Message:  Reach out to your community you will find what you are looking for.


Yellow - GeminiGemini the home may have required you to shift your attentions towards changes which require you to head into a new direction.  Whether it is a simple renovation or a bigger relocation depends on the open dialogue from partners whom may be discontent with their environment.   Either way, the outcome is a happy one.

Message:   The home is built by people sharing laughter and love.


Blue - CancerCancer this week home draws you into her sanctuary as you sit back and revitalise your energies.  As the moon so do you keep an eye on the pulse of your universe.  Next week’s full moon (which may or may not be an eclipse) shows up on your radar as you are privy to some information.  Use your knowledge wisely as it will either tide you over or sink you.

Message:   That which you build is not only via material wealth.  Keep in balance what connections you have formed because of your heart.


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