Astrology Mondays – August 29 2016 – September 4 2016

This week we see a lot of activities in the Earth sign of Virgo, on Tuesday we have the last Mercury Retrograde cycle in the element of Earth.  This is especially powerful as Mercury is in its home sign of Virgo reviewing and refining all data with a flare to micromanage every minute detail.  This can be both a blessing as Virgo will work hard at uncovering, categorizing & attaching a detailed report on its findings or a detriment as time is frivolously slowed down to accommodate this huge undertaking and everyone else’s energies are also dependant upon completing their tasks once the review has been completed.  I would advise you if you can wait until after September 12 to make any big decisions as that is when all the facts will be available.  This period ends on September 21 when the Sun will ingress into the Cardinal sign of Libra thus expect a sudden burst of frantic activity to meet approaching deadlines.

The Solar Eclipse on September 1st is also influential as it takes place three degrees from the North Node.  These energies point towards going in a totally new direction.  The seeds planted at this time sprout to expose the truth which will help eliminate the perceived gap between the individual and the foreigner by building bridges and dissolving walls which were meant to alienate.  Be prepared to deal with the truth when it is revealed.

Message    Messages which come before the 12 of September should we waited before being acted upon.  The past difficult five months are slowly changing their course as you embrace all the richness of family, health & spirit.


Green - VirgoVirgo you have much going on this month, with powerful Mercury stationing retrograde in its home sign of Virgo on Tuesday and a powerful Solar Eclipse also in Virgo on Thursday, squaring the Mars/Saturn union of last week this brings up hidden truths.  You have three weeks to separate the shaft from the wheat!  Put your analyzing cap and if the information fails to make sense then there is obviously some corruption with the data.

Message:  Now is not the time to take action!  Analyze the pro and cons of your decision.  Data received after Sept 12 needs to be incorporated.  Best to move forward on September 21.

Yellow - LibraLibra last weeks’ message holds true for the following three weeks.  The universe will conspire to provide for you.  This spiritual journey where you perceive as being alone is but an illusion. Libra you have many who walk beside you.  You are able to tap into the hidden consciousness glean information which will benefit society as a whole.

Message:  You are in a great position to help those in need.  Use the wisdom of the ages to mediate between two fractions.

Blue - ScorpioScorpio this Mercury retrograde cycle is asking you to re-think your plans for the future and the impact your plans have on your legacy you leave behind.  Your creative endeavors’ have continued to be a source inspiration and blessings.  The September 1st Solar Eclipse illuminates past two decades of accumulated karma which are asking to be acknowledged and honored.  A beautiful way of honoring this would be through art or the written word.  Express your journey as others may benefit from your wisdom.

Message:    As are birds on the wind they spread their wings and have faith that Gia’s magnetic energy will steer them to their destination.

Red - Sagittarius Sagittarius you are faced with many decisions which are influencing you in creating the next chapter on your career path.  Mercury retrograde and the Solar Eclipse ask of you to do your research.  If you can carry out your intent this Tuesday, but do not move forward until after the 12 of September as relevant information will become available.

Message:    The emotional upheaval is an indicator you need to reassess where you stand in your work ethics.  Let go to allow room for positive growth.

Green - CapricornCapricorn the following three weeks you will face challenges with being placed outside your comfort zones.  Saturn the ruler of you sign has been highly sensitized during last weeks’ union with hot fiery Mars now another challenging situation will have to be climbed as September’s Solar eclipse activities this point again.  Brace yourself to face some hard truths as you are required to let go.  The Universe is asking you to place your hope in its hands only upon a complete release will growth be possible.

Message: You are required to prioritize which two areas in your life need to be focused on currently as you have too many projects diverting your attention which can result in failure.

Yellow - AquariusAquarius last week the ruler of your sign Saturn had an awakening when it embraced fiery Mars.  This union allowed for energies to manifest which required you to take a deeper look at the reasons why you dig so deep to uncover the truth.  On this journey into the depths of the unknown, you recover a hidden science which changes your view on your surrounding environment.  The dissolving of fixed ideas will work towards creating a better understanding on why the social injustices continue to flourish and how to bring this to the forefront.

Message:    Exiting a difficult time and appreciating the amount of strength it took to scale the steep mountain.

Blue - PiscesPisces you need to shift from cruise control to take charge of your personal relationship.  Partnership & relationships move to a higher level of importance.  Review where you see this important chapter heading.  Some unhidden truths which you were not privy to come to light.  The next three weeks require you to slow down and allow time for you and your partner to open a dialogue in which sees your current relationship nurtured by creating a positive space thus allowing it to evolve to the next level.

Messages: Remember the reasons why you embarked on this relationship.  What made this person the one you allowed to hold your heart.

Red - AriesAries your faith can be a source of comfort/despair dependant upon how last week’s Mars/Saturn union brought forth.   As Mercury is primed to review your decisions on refining your duties on the job and their direct impact on your health.  You are faced with making an important lifestyle change as you revisit the truth which has been casually shrugged aside.

Message:  Reconnect to the mother archetype which can heal your body, quieten your mind & let your soul soar.

Green - TaurusTaurus you are focused on building and maintaining your creative and romantic endeavors.  This Mercury retrograde period highlights what it is that you are doing to ensure that you create and share a sacred space with those you hold dear.  As you continue to dissolve walls of previous karma you will find hidden truths which you have known on a gut level.  This reconfirmation is acknowledging that you are on a journey of transitions which is encased in a larger cycle of becoming enlightened.

Message:    Embrace the five senses and let them guide you to your destination.   Drawing on your experiences when you were a child, adult and elder know that transition is but a phase.

Yellow - GeminiGemini the concepts of home, relationships, family and endings will feature during the next three weeks as Mercury, the ruler of your sign will be retrograde in this sector.  Expect some hidden truths which need to be processed and analyzed to validate authenticity.  The eclipse on September 1st brings about the start by the 12th of September you will have all the facts in.  Do not make any decisions before this date.

Message:    You are on the journey to transform your current residence from a house to a home.  The kitchen is the heart of the home where family comes together to nurture the body, mind, and soul.

Blue - Cancer Cancer on life’s journey you have acquired many different perceptions on how childhood’s environment & early relationships form the foundations of our important relating skills later in life.  This three-week period you’re prompted to re-exam your values and what it means to you to maintain relationships that have become façade.  The September 1st Solar Eclipse brings out the truth in past relationships allowing you to clear the air and begin anew.

Message:   Don’t be in a rush to drive from point A to B.  Plan a diversion along your route.  You will be glad you stopped to smell the roses!

Red - LeoLeo this Mercury Retrograde transit speaks to maintaining the status quo and focuses on revisiting your money matters and how much of a valve you assign to your possessions and skillsets.  You are asked to eliminate the fluff and concentrate on refining what brings you pleasure what has become a chore.  This Mercury retrograde period, as well as the September 1st Solar Eclipse, highlights your earnings, schedules and what brings you satisfaction.  Watch for three messages in the following weeks for confirmations on the questions you have asked.  The Universe will answer.

Message:   Rise above the mundane and see where Spirit is leading you.  You have the talents to move forward with confidence.  All will be well!






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