Astrology Mondays – August 22 2016 – August 28 2016

The week opens with the energy build up between the planet of action Mars and the enforcer Saturn conjoining in the fire sign of Sagittarius, this key point is a highlight of events to come within two weeks when we witness the Solar eclipse at the same degree but separated by a hard ninety-degree square aspect in the Earth sign of Virgo.  Also unfolding at the same time; the planets Mercury and Jupiter both rule these activated signs are also conjoined in Virgo emphasising that the relationship and information exchanged this week casts important ripples setting off in search for truth & justice.  The analyzing and post-mortem seem to lift events onto the global arena.  We are looking at energies which cut away due to decay or instability while trying to maintain the status quo.

There is a definite shift as the Earth sign Virgo is emphasised for the next six weeks.  We have a cluster of activities as the solar energies join during the strong Mercury retrograde period, Solar Eclipse and Jupiter leaving the Earth sign and heading into airy Libra.

Message:  Stay focused on the immediate environment watch your speech as what can be said in lightness can be misrepresented with added consequences.  As the kids head back to school expect a lot of changes and disruptions while things settle down.  The power of speech is highlighted.


Green - VirgoVirgo you have a burst of energy as you celebrate your birth month for the next 31 days.  The beginning week you get a download of information and need time to assimilate the Mercury retrograde foreshadowing period which had started on Aug 09 2016.  This is a very important time for you as you revise your life purpose.  Energies are supporting you during this process.

Message:  Delays will lift. Expect positive progress


Yellow - LibraLibra forces are working with a flurry of activity behind the scenes.  You explore the deeper side of your nature.  This foreshadowing period that Mercury is journeying will open many hidden doors in which you are able to glean information otherwise not available.  This transition will form the basis of expanding your life direction when the great benefactor Jupiter transits you sign next month.

Message:  Get ready to reach your greatest potential.


Blue - ScorpioScorpio you come to a fork in the road on your journey and you must decide what aligns with your values and self-beliefs. The decision is yours to make.  This past couple of weeks has been foreshadowing the upcoming Mercury retrograde and Solar eclipse. Note what unfolds during this week is what you will be working.

Message:  To the victor the spoils.  Embark on a path.


Red - SagittariusSagittarius this week will present unique challenges as a lot of past issues come to the forefront.  Life’s transitions and incorporating changes to solidify weak foundations has taken a toll.  You may feel as if your reservoir of energy needs a recharge.  Step back and reflect do not take any action as you would be working against the flow.

Message:    Balance needs to be restored. Self-care and Self-love are important.


Green - CapricornCapricorn this week you may feel as you have free reign to do whatever you want.  There has been a sense of flying high with little regard to the consequences. Be careful with what you say as something said in jest can be misunderstood and broadcasted over open channels.  This Mercury foreshadowing period highlights how far out of your comfort zone you are willing to travel.

Message:  Moving forward may require to let go of outdated concepts.


Yellow - AquariusAquarius this past couple of weeks has been foreshadowing the Mercury retrograde period and the September eclipse.  Are you ready to mine the abyss of the unknown?  This awakening has placed you on a direct path to enable you to release and cut away from associations that have become a burden.


Message:    You are on the way to healing.


Blue - PiscesPisces you sit back and observe what is happening around you and the world at large.  You are intrigued why so much fuss is being made.  You get a burst of information download that rips the veil away from any misconceptions that you have been under.  The next six weeks have a huge impact on which direction you take.

Messages: As the fog lifts by the power of Sun so shall this.


Red - AriesAries life seems to flow from a stream, into a river, and finally emptying into the ocean.  As transitions at work and adjustments with schedules are required take note that the universe is asking you to retain your identity similar to the drop of water that makes up the above-mentioned waterways.  Right now you are releasing some negative influences.

Message:  If you could re-do the past eight months what choices would you make?


Green - TaurusTaurus for you how you spend your time in your creative & love pursuits is highlighted.   Play close attention the energies around you as we are in a Mercury foreshadowing period since Aug 9th 2016, events unfolding mid-week play a direct coalition with the Solar eclipse.  This gives you direct connections to profitably complete projects.

Message:  It is time to come out of retirement and pick off where you left off.


Yellow - GeminiGemini the Mercury retrograde period of foreshadowing has been set forth since August 09 2016.  Events that manifest between now and the end the month need special attention as these are issues which later will require untangling.  Home and partnerships are the two highlighted areas


Message:    With swiftness comes ideas.  Explore the possibilities


Blue - CancerCancer the news you are waiting for will manifest mid-week.  The response may not be what you expected.  Take that as a blessing.  Watch communications with bosses and higher ups as they may be dealing with issues you may be unaware of.  Create an open & loving space where you are in balance.  Whatever manifests will be for the higher good.

Message:    Be open to the possibilities and plan for transition.


Red - LeoLeo, as the Sun moves into the next phase so it seems, does your life.  You have released a lot over this past year and now have recognized how important is was.  As with anything new Leo, this next chapter will require some adjustments. Embrace life with your sunny nature.


Message:   Meditate – find yourself and balance your energies.

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