Astrology Mondays – August 15 2016 – August 21 2016

This Full Moon in Aquarius casts some confusion on if it will join the ranks of an eclipse or will remain a full moon.  The jury is out for those of you feeling the foreshadowing which will unfold in September with a Solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde this Neptunian fog plays a major role in describing how 2016 has played out.  For surely what we have witnessed in the last eight months can be accounted as a dream.

Our cups seem to overflow with the emotional tides of world events.  As reigns transitions from ending to a new beginning.  Heartbreak for the common people as they choose sides on who/what represents the greater good while painting the opposing side in league with negative forces.  It is encouraging to see so many people engaged in open dialogue, showing their passions but disheartening to witness the extent that a small number of individuals will take to enforce their viewpoints upon others.  Pluto has definitely lent its energies as we cling to the last remains of sanity.

Jupiter finishing its shadow transit over the conjoining with Mercury to exchange the whispers of events to come in the fall.   Mars igniting Saturn at the September eclipse degree speaks to the truth, whatever it may be, will come out and change its course.   We currently all have the decision to make which will be crucial in the tides to come.  Can we say we have learned from history to manifest one that highlights man’s greatness?  Or are we destined to repeat age-old mistakes?   The choice now rests with humanity as a whole.

Red - LeoLeo, you have moments of wildly far-reaching ideas that do not seem probable but you are intrigued on how these concepts can be manifested. This week’s Full Moon hints at how the circuits fire along the path lines.  This illumination has made you aware of what actions and disciplines need to be incorporated to get the results you are seeking.

Message:   Your focus is on building & experiencing time with family and loved ones.

Green - VirgoVirgo this week’s Full Moon illuminates any issues that need to be taken care of in health matters.  If you have been sitting on the fence in starting that exercise regime now might be a good time to start.  You gain heady insights into what all the turbulent energies have been about since the beginning of the year.  Heads up, coming at the end of the month we have a powerful Mercury retrograde in your sign.  Get ready to take notes.

Message:    Focus on your goals as energies that you put out now have a chance of doubling.

Yellow - LibraLibra you continue to flow with the cosmic energies.  This Full Moon illuminates your need to identify what brings you joy and laughter.  Friends may have been distant and turned.  You are coming to the conclusion that finding a workable solution may not be required but a total release.  Continue to listen to your dreams as they will give clues.

Message:  A new beginning is coming; the seeds have been planted.

Blue - ScorpioScorpio you have set off on a journey in which you have many new companions.  Know that these next two months will prepare you for a journey on mining the depths of the soul.  You look forward to this new chapter as all previous fears now melt away and leave an awakened consciousness.

Message:  Take the keys of knowledge and wisdom as you will require these tools on your journey.

Red - SagittariusSagittarius luck continues to walk with you as you anticipate the close of a project and the start of another.  This two-week transition period foreshadows the energies of the September 1st Solar Eclipse.  You look into different avenues of refining current tasks and implementing an efficient process.

Message:  Be the harbinger of change.

Green - CapricornCapricorn the Full Moon illuminates the need to place close attention on your skillset.  You may have to go back and revisit some minor detail in honing your craft.  Midweek can bring a surprise which may require you to travel to close a deal.  Pay close attention to what you eat as your dietary intake may be related to the symptoms you have been experiencing.

Message:  If all else fails, listen to your heart.

Yellow - AquariusAquarius this Full Moon illuminates the need for integrating external relationships which have been imbalanced due to the give and give concept.  The constant need to pamper to your partner has built up some resentment with needs to be righted by receiving some TLC.

Message:  Sit back and relax as you enjoy a much need time out to reset and honor yourself.

Blue - PiscesPisces this full moon has you releasing some habits which have not been working as well as it could.  The next couple of weeks can highlight communications and bring about reunions.  This foreshadowing will become self-evident with the September 1st Solar Eclipse.

Messages:   Do not be afraid of failure as it through our mistakes we build our character.

Red - AriesAries the Full Moon illuminates a need to balance between the future and the present are you spending to much time focused the destinations instead of the journey.  Bring the energy back into the present.  Events unfolding now foreshadow the next coming months.

Message:  Ground in the present so you can explore the future.

Green - TaurusTaurus as with the Full Moon/Eclipse you will find a misstep along your career path which needs to be addressed.  Balancing the amount of time earning and between enjoying life has become a key issue in finding job satisfaction.  Towards the end of the week, you see answers to the questions you seek.

Message:  Do you connect with the offers that are put on the table, if not, don’t hesitant to negotiate.

Yellow - GeminiGemini partners continue to surprise and amaze you at their constant insights.  Passions ignite to embrace a wide variety of topics.  You are embarking on a new journey which requires you to lose your preconceived ideas and trust in the process.

Message:   Plant the seeds you would like to see grow.

Blue - CancerCancer you sit back and take in the deep insights of this Aquarian Full Moon.  Life for you has been centered around manifesting some goals which seem to be taking longer than expected.  It is okay everything is unfolding as it should.  Do not rush to race to the finish line as important factors may be overlooked.

Message:    You are blessed with divine guidance.  Listen carefully.


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