Astrology Mondays – August 01 2016 – August 07 2016


On Monday we are awakened to unusual news from distant lands which is so unexpected we need to time to assimilate the significance of how we personally relate to these events.  This prompts us to reassess what our priorities are and to let go of concepts which are becoming impossible to maintain.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday Mars ingresses into the fire sign of Sagittarius giving the New Moon in the fire sign of Leo an added burst of energy this prompts us to retreat from the outer world and take a look inward and put our needs first.  What Moon wishes would you like to manifest?  This energy is a good time to get active and move forward on any exercise or fitness regimes.

Midweek we align our heart and our voice to speak our truth as this is the foreshadowing period of things to come.  Do not be too rigid in your stance as further information is unveiled and the smog of deceit is lifted the stark reality is pushed forward.

By the end of the week, we see another shift as Venus ingresses into the Earth sign of Virgo.  The consistent demand for attention and insistent need to see things done in an OCD manner may require some adjustments thereby presenting a hum of undercurrents.  Bosses can become quite agitated and could ask for a tightening of rules and procedures.

The weekend presents a mixed bag of events as we see a need to rush through our list of chores/projects in anticipation to recharging ourselves via social interactions amongst family and friends.

Red - LeoLeo, you really honor and take pride in your individualism and recognize the same in others.  If for any reason you have become imbalanced this New Moon phase on August 2nd will reawaken the passions of expression.  What New Moon wishes do you see yourself manifesting?  This is a perfect time to realign any goals you would like to initiate.


Green - VirgoVirgo this New Moon in Leo is asking you to trust your gut instincts and step outside your comfort zone.  Embrace what the comic energies are hinting at.  Issues surrounding money and finances get a bit of a rumble.  Create time with siblings as your schedule becomes busy and finding time, later on, might become difficult.


Yellow - LibraLibra this new Moon in Leo sets a new chapter in how you give and receive to the world in general.  Use this New Moon’s energies to fortify your self-identity and any issues that require you to make decisions use your heart center, not your logical mind.   You will find that reaching a decision much more quickly and in alignment with your ideals.  Relationship energies heat up and require you to pay attention to love ones during this transition.


Blue - ScorpioScorpio the New Moon in Leo is highlighting changes at work and how you present yourself to bosses.  How can you constructively move forward to incorporate these changes and eliminate procedures which have become obsolete? This New Moon is asking you to trust your instincts accept the changes.  Any financial issues which were stuck will begin to unravel and move forward by mid-month.


Red - SagittariusSagittarius this fiery New Moon in Leo is asking you to reclaim your enterprising spirit as there is a dynamic shift in the energy starting now and manifesting in the coming weeks.  Play close attention to the signs this week as this will foreshadow what will unfold in August.  Time spent with friends and promoting common projects feature this week.



Green - CapricornCapricorn what experiences of last week will follow you into this week’s New Moon phase?  You hold the key!  Where you focus your attention only that area will expand.  If what you have been doing has not been working shift your attention and focus on out of the box solutions.  This new week will have energies encouraging change to promote a more positive experience.  It is your decision if you continue your current path or form a new reality.


Yellow - AquariusAquarius do you need to hit the re-set button on your relationship?  If yes, then this week’s New Moon on August 2nd is an opportune time to indicate a constructive change.  Issues at work which have been a hotbed of active discussions move onto the next phase.  In the following weeks keep an eye on all levels of communications as you do not want any negative correspondence to come back to haunt you.


Blue - PiscesPisces this New Moon in Leo brings tides of work related issues.  You are poised for a breakthrough with how you see your daily life function and how you would like to see it unfold.  Mid-month brings financial expectations and work schedules to the forefront.  Compensation packages may need to be renegotiated to better encompass the reality of daily life.

Red - AriesAries this New Leo Moon is highlighting your creative endeavors and where you seek and find laughter and joy.  Your identity has gone through a metamorphous transit since early 2011 and will continue until mid-2018.  This year seems to have been about looking into the depths of the shadow side.  Now is a time to focus on the light and integrating the lessons learned.


Green - TaurusTaurus this New Moon in Leo on August 2nd triggers you to cement your plans on where you see yourself calling home. For the next five months pay attention to your dreams and start a dream journal as you will receive clues.  Relationships move to a deeper level of understanding as you become open to exploring the possibilities.


Yellow - GeminiGemini this New Moon in Leo brings with it many communications and mini travel highlights which require you to reshuffle your schedule.  The focus shifts from every day to take care of relationships and address issues which were highlighted in the early spring as these will again become paramount.


Blue - CancerCancer you have been letting life flow by and taking advantage of the of the mellow mood.  The New Moon in Leo will continue to activate your money sector so some focus on budgets and earnings may be required.  This week life shifts from the low-key to working on career matters and taking care of any health issues which may begin to annoy you.


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