Astrology Monday – July 10 2017 – July 16 2017

We begin this week’s AstroCurrents with the sitting back and relaxing with the intention of enjoying the process of exchanging ideas and learning something new. The urge to get out, interact and come together for just some small intimate social gatherings is highly appealing now. It is though these small gatherings have the potential to develop into that something deeper.

The impact of the waning full moon has activated a blast of intense energy which can present itself on a physical level through recurring ailments. This powerful release may have triggered your body to cope by triggering automatic protective responses. If you are experiencing pain anywhere throughout your body know that acknowledging the pain and where it is situated may point to where further work/exploration may be required. What I mean by this you have developed stomach issues it can be related to how you give and receive nurturing. If the throat then what are you not saying or swallowing down.

We are being prompted into making tough choices of defining that line in the sand which aligns with our values and the consequences to violating the same. For some, this exercise will be easily done but for others, this may unfold as a difficult dialogue which involves diving deeper into uncomfortable territories. Pay attention to the what, not the who that brings this about as it is more about the message, not the messenger. The more you push and try and rush things the more the universe will say slow down it is not who gets to the finish line first but who has the most enriched experiences to share.

So, stop putting your energies into accelerating and stopping at the next traffic light but anticipate the flow around you. This change in attitude will allow the answers you are seeking to materialize.

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