Astrology Monday – August 14 2017

When we view a total eclipse, we are watching an accelerated download of the Solar-Lunar cycle in whichever zodiac sign the eclipse happens to take place. The most talked about Solar Eclipse across the North American continent will occur next Monday August 21 2017 and will be visible in Vancouver during nine to noon, (check your local listing when it will be visible at your location.) taking place in the zodiac sign of the lion. The Sun finds its home and strength here but during a Solar Eclipse, the Sun is shadowed/weakened by the lunar energy of the Moon.
This eclipse is shining a light inward upon our solar self. What are the fears that are holding you back from expressing your true potential? Use this cosmic timing to overcome all that does not serve a positive purpose in your life. Look inward and examine what safety is ensures by allowing the fear bug to stay.
The eclipse will be taking place on the fixed star of Regulus – which is known as the Watcher of the North, the Little King, and the Lion’s Heart. This Royal Star which promotes one to the position of prominence has also been known to knock them down if deceit is harbored.
Mercury has just turned retrograde in the earth sign of Virgo this Saturday giving you an opportunity to review your game plan for the next three weeks so when Mercury goes direct on September 05 at the same sensitized degree as the Solar Eclipse points to a reactivation of these energies. During this time, the earthiness of Virgo sparkles with many faucets in how this energy is experienced on an individual basis but one thing is for sure the earth signs are always looking to manifest something tangible. So how will you utilize the upcoming AstroCurrents to open/close doors?
For safe viewing of the eclipse have your special Eclipse glasses and follow all safety rules. If you can take some time out to witness this cosmic event Science World and the HR McMillian Space center are hosting special viewing events as for myself I will be joining fellow friends at the Art Gallery for a bit of coffee and eclipse viewing.
For an in-depth look at the impact of the current Eclipse Season in your natal chart drop me a message to book a consultation at a special pricing. Have a wonderful week. – Astro Currents By Sukhwinder Gadey.

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