Astrology Monday – August 07 2017

The AstroCurrents for the coming weeks intensify as we begin Monday early morning with the Moon being fired up by Mars then several hours later take part in a partial Lunar Eclipse along the Leo -Aquarius axis. This speaks to an awareness of reluctant change in the relationship between self and all others. Where is it that you find your stance on the different levels of life? The shadow over the Moon’s Fullness asks us to examine how we relate and feel about our individual impact on our environment.

This past week we have witnessed life under a different hue which the luminaries have assumed. The Sun/Moon’s reddish glow is reflecting the burning wildfires here on the West coast.
On Wednesday when some power plays may require you to adjust your interactions and assume some diplomacy in the arising situation. Thursday morning is accomplishing many items off of your list with surprising swiftness and the least amount of effort. The Afternoon brings contending with a combative fiery nature event which may require a firm stance and compassion to listen with an open mind. It is through overcoming this situation by dissecting the series of events on a grander scale that you will be able to pinpoint the solution.

Favorable results are promised if attention to detail is ensured.
On Saturday, August 12th begins three weeks of Mercury Retrograde in the sign where it holds rulership, earthy Virgo. The next twenty-one days may showcase a review of all things related to paperwork, healthcare & our furry four-legged friends.

When a planet goes retrograde from our earthbound vantage point from a position of strength it can promise to do the most harm. Similar to a disgruntled employee working out their two weeks’ notice much disruption can be expected in all things routine, travel and communication. The last week when Mercury ingresses into Leo reactivating the sensitive degrees of the Solar Eclipse expectation of critical decisions which will have a ricochet effect at mid-October.

Another treat for Stargazers will be to take in meteor Shower visible on/during August 12 2017.


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