AstroCurrents – Week July 11 2016 – July 17 2016


This week opens with people gathering together to raise and voice issues of discontent to the powers that be.  We are faced with the first hurdle, after last weeks’ New Moon in Cancer, which has raised into our consciousness the seeds of who we are in our individual evolution, where we stand as a Community, as a Nation and as Humanity as a whole.  Although this process is slow to ignite desired change, the secret is to stand together, stay strong, focused and determined.

The ingress of Venus & Mercury into the fire sign of Leo signals sees a shift in focusing our attentions away from the world stage to our immediate environment.  Activities engaging the individual to the lighter side of life.   Encouraging our families to participate in the creative arts & appreciate local theater creates a platform for open dialogue wherein families can form strong and healthy opinions and increase their life experiences.

Towards the end of the week we see tensions rise in a perceived need to actively protect what is ours.  You may feel a need to verbally release some pent-up anger that may surprise you as you were unaware that the festering issue that dominate.  A productive release would be to get physical, go out and run, hearing your feet drumming on the pavement maybe soothing to your soul.

This awakening frustration is the final push you require as you see your goals manifesting if only you can give it a little bit more attention and unravel all snags.   Your effort on Thursday & Friday see you creating your physical reality, by concentrating on establishing order and discipline out of chaos sees you taking a step in the right direction.  Mind you if you play into the lower vibrations of these energies can deliver a totally different result which may have you starting over once again.

The weekend sees a bustling of activity in pursuits of working towards constructive and lasting changes.

There is a sense excitement in the air!  Go Out & Enjoy the Weekend!


Blue - CancerCancer the projects which began last week need to undergo an adjustment as additional facts not available need to be accounted for.  A little bit of momentum is needed to move this project to its next phase.  By utilizing your time efficiently and working within all available system, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


Red - LeoLeo you see yourself overcoming challenges with true grit.  Responsibilities towards home and where you see yourself (relaxing in the sun with a good book) encourage you to make drastic changes.  In doing so you gain deeper insights that are beneficial to you thus benefiting the family as a whole.


Green - VirgoVirgo you see yourself fall into a more mellow mood as you take time to contemplate and reflect.  Your finances need a little bit of attention earlier this week.  Time spent aligning your valves and resources will pay off later in the fall.


Yellow - LibraLibra you meet with a realty check which requires you to reassess your current assets & resources.   Many of the opportunities you expected returns on failed to deliver the projected margins.  Friends are able to offer valuable insights into creative solutions which lay the cornerstone to building a viable nest egg.

Blue - ScorpioScorpio you now get a burst of energy that has you singing like you use to!  This energy invigorates your mind and has you planning and preparing for all sorts of trips and learning excursions.  Mid-week sees you vocalizing your opinions of how & where you see your career heading.


Red - SagittariusSagittarius you are cautiously beginning to venture out and begin to take some risks.  You are able to glen some tantalizing information which can further your career potential.  Verify all relevant facts by doing your research as it will pay off in the end.


Green - CapricornCapricorn how you handle challenging issues in when dealing with individuals and applying creative solutions, have your bosses taking notes keep up the good work.  Later in the week sees you making time for activities with friends.  During the fun-filled evening If things should get to rumbustious default into your problem solving mode. Enlightenment comes from an unusual source.

Yellow - AquariusAquarius you have been making adjustment in how you perform your work requirements.  There is an opening which enables you to take the leadership role by initializing constructive change.  This action could further reflect upon your job description and pay structure.


Blue - PiscesPisces this week opens with you expressing an alliance with people within your circle as you can relate clearly to their circumstances.   Advocating for the underdog can have standing your ground and overturning perceived injustices.  With the recent upheavals in finances this week can see you utilizing a workable budget.

Red - AriesAries this week sees you working closely with associates in resolving issues surrounding home & resources.  It is much easier to meet requirements midweek as energies unite to avail resources not previously available.  You may require someone to speak on your behalf as emotions may tend to run high.

Green - TaurusTaurus you are contemplating building your earning into a self-sufficient entity which can multiply and provide a stable source of income.  Personal relationships require delicate handling as tempers can flare around financial issues. Communicating your strategies may help alleviate misunderstandings and align your budgets into a workable solution.

Yellow - GeminiGemini you have been focusing on manifesting your financial goals by investing in volatile markets. It is advisable to consult with a professional as these may be untested waters.  While driving or operating equipment it pays to be aware of your surroundings as a lack of focus could result in a loss. The weekend sees you planning work related activities.

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