AstroCurrents – July 25 – July 31 2016

At the beginning of this week emotions are running high as control issues and fears are highlighted. This heighten energy is going to be waxing and waning until mid October, the trick is not to become desensitized to life’s events but to voice your concerns. It takes only one person to activate a chain for change!

This last quarter square is prompting us to discard that which is broken and dysfunctional in order to lay solid foundations in which to rebuild upon.

With the Moon (Public) visiting Taurus and Cancer, Mercury (communication) going into Virgo this week is especially pivotal in marking a turning point by providing a platform upon which communication can flow.

Friday and Saturday have various activations of challenging energies which is similar to a powder keg.  Uranus also begin its five months’ retrograde motion.  This is significant because Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio and the degree of Uranus’s Retrograde is mimicking Mars’ direct station. Uranus will pave it forward by creating the environment to facilitate change.  By Sunday the doorways of communication open to once again allow a sense of logic to return.  The Dark of the night will contemplate the promise of next weeks Leo New Moon.  What do you wish for and how do you visualize yourself fulfilling its potential?

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Red - LeoLeo you are coming off of a weekend of being in your element.  You are content to let things flow on there own accord as you have some projects you are focused on that require you to exert some attention but otherwise the planetary alignments are all set to accommodate your pace.


Green - VirgoVirgo you have begun the planning stages of where you see yourself going.  Is this the time to commence a career change?  You go on a fact finding mission which will best serve you after July 26th, we all know how committed you are in disseminating information before taking any new steps.  Know that whatever you put forth after July 30th will gain in strength.

Yellow - LibraLibra there is a shift in energies for you this week you gain a deeper understanding on what the universe is trying to tell you.  You need to only slow down and listen to your gut.  Financial matters may have a habit of slipping towards the wayside.  Friends and relatives demand your loving presence.


Blue - ScorpioScorpio you are blessed to be refocusing your attentions on putting your intent into producing some meaningful results in work and earnings.  Mid-week sees you being much more active as your social calendar fills.  Be careful with what you say on Friday as there is a potential for a disagreement.   The weekend is spent exploring and learning.

Red - SagittariusSagittarius did you feel it when the Sun shifted into the fire modality of Leo?  You just go a burst of energy coming your way for the next four weeks.  Brace yourself as midweek becomes a hive of activities.  You gain the ear of senor bosses to pitch your ideas.  You may see some of the results early next week.

Green - CapricornCapricorn you maybe feeling that life all of a sudden has thrown you a curve ball.  Mild challenges lie with combined debt or mortgage renewals.  Midweek presents an opportune time to address these issues as closed doors open.  Friends may present some difficulties as they experience anxiety in their personal relationships.  Have a firm control over what you post and publish as it may be misconstrued.  Next months new moon sets upon a volleying of energies.

Yellow - AquariusAquarius this month’s emphasis is on how you develop your personal relationships as partners now demand your attention.  Life may consist of getting in touch with your feminine side. Trust your gut when you see that the facts add up but the warning bells are ringing.  Raise question until you get satisfactory answers. You will be glad you did.

Blue - PiscesPisces this week is all about inner reflection.  You are going through a transit of allowing life to flow by.  Midweek sees you socializing by inviting people to your abode for social gatherings.  Work continues to be work and life just seems to be in neutral gear right now.  You are dreaming and planning of creating an opportunity to explore.

Red - AriesAries the Sun coming into the Fire sign of Leo has given you a much needed burst of energies.  You finally feel aligned with your revised sense of direction.  In your creative pursuits reality has a way of melting away.  The daily grind has become a little less taxing.  As you visit with the dark of the moon know that what draws you in is what the collective is currently experiencing.

Green - TaurusTaurus this week you are made aware of issues that have been building towards a release.  The process which was highlighted last week seeks to be manifested.  Midweek sees you redefining structured valves.  You implement security measures as a safety net.  The weekend sees knowledge gained and shared.

Yellow - GeminiGemini you seem to be dealing with the similar issues at work which seems like forever.  What you may have thought resolved comes back entangled even more.  Midweek is the breakthrough period where the central issue is revealed.  Working together with some firm rules in place help bring about a somewhat resolution but this may require some additional attention later.

Blue - CancerCancer you are going about laying the foundations of what you consider your legacy that you would like to leave behind.  Usually you are always visiting the past but this is a unique shift in anticipating the future.  Steps taken now solidify your future nest egg.  Friday brings an unexpected shift as you are party to some tantalizing news.


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