AstroCurrents – July 18 2016 – July 24 2016

We begin this week with open dialogues and debate surrounding the concepts of what monetary values we assign to the skills we give and receive, as well as making decisions of what is considered mine and how much of it I am willing to release. 

Familiarizing ourselves with these issues help create an intimate bond wherein we could accept this aspect of our relationship.  This process releases the negative holds & blocks that money can sometimes have and establish a healthy viable interaction.  By illuminating the darkness, the monsters once imagined lose their power to solicit a response.

Tuesday’s Full Moon can have personal emotions flying high as it showcases areas of relating our inner most self to align with our heart centers wherein allowing the flow of love. This concept of honoring and nurturing our body, mind and spirit is a beautiful process initiated by the Sun coming home into the constellation of Leo.  Lay back and bask in the rays of the Sun.

Later in the week we may get glimpses of school administrators silently changing structures which may have parental voices raised in discontent.  This new method will require a lot of revisions when the time comes in the opening of the school year.

The weekend sees us riding the waves of highly churned emotions which have been building since the summer solstice.  This spattering of raindrops to a torrent downpour have individuals lost and confused with no sense of how to combat the enormity of issues which are being raised.  The solution is to openly come together in solidarity, to raise our voices by opening dialogue for initiating change.


Blue - Cancer Cancer you are re-evaluating your financial picture and are acquired to make some adjustments.  Give yourself permission to balance the books as well as allowing for some enjoyment in life.  It all does not have to be about the drudgery.   This full moon has you emotionally charged as you focus on your personal relationships, you see the possibilities but wonder what it would take to reignite the passions.  This                                                      journey helps you incorporate many aspects of yourself that                                                      you have had locked away.   Enjoy the process of discovery                                                        together!

Red - LeoLeo you are gearing up to acquire some much need energy as the Sun comes into your sign by the end of the week. This week you will definitely be feeling an incline in momentum.  The stressors of last week fall away as a celebratory mood takes heart.  While going about your daily business be aware of your surroundings as sometimes we can easily become distracted.  This is your birth month Leo go out and roar!  Mid-                                                  week bring feelings of cuddling close with loved ones.

Green - VirgoVirgo this Full Moon has brought out the reflective nature of organizing a fun-filled gathering with friends and loved ones. During the course of the week you gain a deeper understanding as the messages come though many different means of communications. Do not disregard the message because of the source, instead do what you do best, research. This is a week to guard your health as your energy levels may                                                    need replenishing.

Yellow - LibraLibra this Tuesdays Full Moon highlights your career sector by aligning where you projected to see yourself and where you are currently.  What adjustments need to be focused on to manifest the results you have visualized? Once you uncover the blocks you can address corrective measures.  It will not be easy, but requires a lot of work and self-promotion.  Once engaged upon your path you will see a direct correlation                                                              between establishing a client base and a source of prosperous                                                  earning potential.

Blue - ScorpioScorpio this Full Moon brings into your awareness the need to introduce a little bit of flexibly into your schedule.  Because it is with this new open attitude you are able spot and seize new opportunities.  Mid-week brings personal relationships to the forefront that requires active dialogue to change preconceived ideas. Once dealt with efficiently allows for the elimination of negative energy.

Red - SagittariusSagittarius the Full Moon illuminates what has been ailing your finances since the beginning of the year.  You have about two weeks to get all your ducks lined up as then begins a volleying of activities that come fast and quick for the upcoming months.  Now is the time to reclaim your old fire and move forward with confidence to gain a foothold to manifest your dreams.

Green - CapricornCapricorn this Full Moon is very important for you as it lays down a pivotal time in your relationships.  You are searching deeper into the depths of which you have not gone before, the difference this time is that you are able to glen glimpses of answer to questions which have haunted you.  The growth which you experience will give you a broader understanding of how to incorporate all your relationships to their full                                                               potential.

Yellow - AquariusAquarius lines of communications which were previously closed have become opened.  Take advantage of this opportunity as this enables you to utilize some information only you are privy to which can cause quite a stir!  Do not become carried away by the attention!  Discriminate with whom you spend your time and question the motives of why these individuals are dawn to you at this now.

Blue - PiscesPisces this weeks Full Moon has shined its light on expanding your creative and fun side by incorporating your friends in your projects they love the way you can express opinions on a wide range of topics.  Your personal relationships require some tender attentions later in the week as deadlines of some work related projects near.  Maintain heath by drinking plenty of water, eating raw vegetables and getting plenty of rest.

Red - AriesAries this weeks Full Moon shines a light on the sectors of home and career.  What you do as a vocation has direct correlation to how you experience you time recharging your batteries.  You are looking to make many changes in your lifestyle as what has gone on in the past has become a difficult effort to maintain.  You are being called to go outside your comfort zone and explore the possibilities.  Once dreamed –                                                      bring it into manifestation.

Green - TaurusTaurus this Full Moon has illuminated your dreams of where you see yourself.  Now the question comes, how far out of your comfort zone are you willing to go to see these manifest?  The missing link is to formulate a workable plan with a lot of variables incorporated.  This is also a time of growth which may require you to prioritize where you are expending your energies and eliminate structures which have become an                                                            impediment.

Yellow - GeminiGemini this Full Moon highlights the importance of monitoring your financial pulse as life gets busy with taking short trips and scenic diversions. You gain deep insights by exploring the connections that surpass boarders. This is a time you are able to move around without time restrictions.  Just let life flow because it is in the normal you experience the extraordinary.


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